Heart centered wisdom, soul shaking truths, and insights that are juicy AF.

Welcome to Love Sex and Magic, the show for people who believe they CAN have it all AND know they deserve it; relationships that are healthy AND passionate, careers that are successful AND fulfilling, and a life filled with meaning, purpose and magic.

Join me as I sit down with some of the most brilliant, inspiring and knowledgeable voices in the fields of love sex and relationships, health, spirituality, self love, and personal development.

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What our listeners are saying

  • "Mel has such an inspirational message to help women fall back in love with themselves! She writes with such integrity and love..."

  • “Mel Wells is a light in the world. She has a great aura and an exuberant personality. This woman is here to help others reach their highest potential. She reminds us that we can create miracles in our lives.

  • “Mel inspires us to reconnect to our self and reclaim our love of food in The Goddess Revolution...quitting diets for good, eating well, and loving your body is the practice of lasting freedom!! I'm in!!”

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