Strengthening your connection to self is that much easier when you understand exactly WHICH energy you’re currently cultivating the most.

In this quiz, you will...

✔️ Discover which of the seven Divine Feminine Archetypes you are currently embodying in your life the most.

✔️ Learn how to work with the archetype you’re activating the most to achieve your highest potential.

✔️ Gain a deeper level of understanding of your psyche to improve your self-awareness.

✔️ Identify the shadows that are halting your journey to wholeness.

✔️ Establish practices that you can implement in your life TODAY to evoke your most dominant archetype.

Are you...

The Maiden

The Mother

The Lover

The Huntress

The Queen

The Wild Woman

The Wise Woman

Working with the Jungian archetypes is a powerful tool for transformation, clarity and purpose. It can help you balance your life, gain more self awareness, and work with your shadow self.

All of these archetypes exist within your psyche as a woman, and will be more or less dominant at certain phases of your life. When you connect with your archetypes, you discover the inner truth about who you are and what has ruled your life.

When you recognise the archetypes that dominate your life, you are able to heal, and start to rewrite your story.

Get clarity on the shadow archetypes that have ruled parts of your life, and gain the tools and the practices required to change the story.

The Power of Alchemising Your Archetypes...

Hey, I'm Mel Wells

As an Embodied Leadership and Intimacy Coach for Queens who's trained in Holistic Sex, Love and Relationships, Eating Psychology and Holistic Health, my mission is to empower your innate feminine essence, wisdom and magic.

With a thriving online membership for global soul sisters around the world inside The Goddess Collective, a top-charting weekly show talking all things Love, Sex & Magic, sell-out retreats across the world and so much more, my community is everything and is (in my opinion) the absolute best out there.

For three years I have been studying the Jungian divine archetypes and integrating the wisdom of this knowledge into my business, my personal life, and my relationships. Using archetypal codes have deepened my self awareness and has helped me to uncover and reclaim the parts of myself that I thought I’d lost, abandoned or buried, so that I can stand in my true power as a woman. I’m honoured to share these insights with you today!