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The (CEO) Motherload: Empowering Your Finances, Building Your Legacy & Strengthening Your Self Love with Iskra Lawrence

Episode 98

A mommy, entrepreneur, and champion for mental wellness & self-care, Iskra Lawrence has built an organic, devoted following of more than eight million across her social channels. She is the founder of the Self Funding Planner, a tool she created to help people invest in themselves and Saltair, a body care brand where everybody is welcome.

In this episode, we’re talking all about motherhood, entrepreneurship, holding space for a community of over 5 million, financial empowerment, and so much more.

Time Stamps

1:10 Mel & Iskra’s friendship and self-evolution
8:26 How the relationship with the hustle shifts when becoming a mother
16:39 How the relationship with your body changes during postpartum
28:56 The highs and lows of holding a community of 5m+
36:43 Wealth empowerment for women
43:38 Inspiring the body care industry with Saltair
51:25 What realignment means to Iskra

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