A 12 month experience for conscious female leaders who are here to change the world.

You’re an established coach, healer, influencer or mentor.

You know you’re here for something BIG. (Real big). 2021, although it’s been challenging, has only amplified your sense of mission and purpose.

You know you’re here to change lives.

You know you’re here to help lead us into the new world.

You’re getting your people amazing results.

Your business is doing great, you’re living in your purpose, sharing your gifts with the world.

But why are things not exactly… flowing?

And why are you completely exhausted, feeling motivated on a Monday, but by Friday feeling like you need to peel yourself off the floor with a spatula?

You figured out how to be an online entrepreneur, congrats.

But keeping all the plates spinning is not what you signed up for.

You really want to grow your business “in your feminine” – whatever that means – but you’re just like… HOW!?

HOW is that even possible when there’s just so many flipping things to do, all the time?

You do so much work for your clients, building your business, showing up online.

You hold space for so many other people. But who’s the one holding space for you?


That next level you know is waiting for you?

That’s not about entrepreneurship anymore.

That’s about you stepping into your leadership.

Let me guess…

You’re so paralysed with how many things there are to do, and you don’t know what to focus on, so you end up just procrastinating on Instagram, and by the end of the day you haven’t moved the needle forward on anything.

You want to hire assistants to help you, but you’re scared they won’t be able to do as good a job.

You are sceptical of all the business coaches. It all just feels a bit “icky”, but you don’t know why.

You’re listening to podcasts, you’ve signed up to a bunch of courses, but you wonder how on earth people find the time to even fit this in when there are clients to serve, money to make, content to write?

Systems and tech make your brain hurt. You’re a creative visionary, baby! You need a team. But how on earth do you do that when you barely have enough money left by the end of the month?

Sometimes you doubt that people actually want to work with YOU, so you keep yourself small. Stepping into that next level feels daunting AF.

Not to mention you hate sales calls with a passion. Why does selling your services feel so… gross?

And then there’s your relationship. Why is it that the more effort you put into your business, the more it seems like your relationship and sex life suffers…?

It’s time to make a decision

To go from entrepreneur, to leader.

From Hustler – to Queen.

Doing all the things – is actually taking you OUT of alignment, rather than getting you further INTO alignment.

What if, instead, you could:

Grow your empire with ease, grace, flow, and JOY.

  • You effortlessly and intuitively knew what content to create online, and the words and videos authentically flowed out of you like honey.
  • You were actually able to take time off in your business to actually ENJOY the freedom you’d created.
  • Your relationship and sex life actually got BETTER as you scaled your business – not worse.
  • You stopped following all the latest “10k in 10 days” BS strategies – and started actually aligning with YOUR soul and YOUR purpose and being your OWN leader instead.
  • You only ever had sales calls with your dreamboat clients – instead of attracting people who mess you around, aren’t committed, or who drain you.
  • You charged great prices for your services and every call you had with new clients was an instant SOUL YES.

I see you, Queen.

You are here to change the world.

And your business is the perfect vehicle to help you do that. It doesn’t have to be so hard.
It can feel like a heart centred mission and vision that you can’t wait to show up for each day.

Introducing The Queendom

A 12 month experience for conscious female leaders who are here to change the world.

It’s time to:

Embody Your Leadership
Step Into Your Power
Execute Your Vision
Lead From The Heart
Build Your Team
Show Up In The Spotlight
Scale Your Impact
…and help people step into the greatest versions of themselves.

What our queens have to say about working with Mel

Caitlin Hosking

Self-Sabotage & Shadow Work Coach, Australia

“Joining the Queendom has been such a blessing. The women and Mel have been so supportive of me and it’s helped take my business to new levels. Before joining I was pretty burnt out from my business as I was constantly hustling and pushing. Being in the Queendom has helped me step into my feminine leadership and make money easier than ever and coming from a place of heart and service rather than push. I’m so grateful for the support from the Queendom and everything I have been able to learn.”

Samantha Smith

Mindset & Manifestation Coach, United States

“The Queendom has given me tools and support to become a better leader in my business. The guidance I’ve received has been invaluable and has pushed me to hire my first team members, raise my prices, pivot parts of my business, and step into complete ownership and confidence with my offers. The inner work we’ve done has also helped me integrate my own learnings and facilitate better transformations for my clients.

The first month in the Queendom I launched a program and was able to make back the full investment plus more. The energy inside this container is potent and really pushes you to new heights simply by being surrounded by so many powerful, inspiring women who want to see you succeed.”

Georgia Barnett

Self Love~Body Love Coach

“The sisterhood, the structure each week of coming home to this support system of other women rooting for each other! I can’t put it into words enough – I feel such an up levelling also in knowing any problems I have or any questions we have the Voxer group and our meetings to discuss and always get such valuable advice. I smashed my first women’s retreat, a dream I had for so long but this container, and Mel especially gave me that push that fire to fulfil the dream. It helped me own myself so much more and show up on social media show up as the coach I want to be and be proactive. It also helped me understand I am worth charging and owning my prices.”

Values of The Queen


The Queen…

  • Knows Her Worth
  • Uses Her Power and Influence For Good
  • Is Confident in Her Leadership
  • Is Admired + Inspiring To Many
  • Knows Her Boundaries
  • Has a Strong Team
  • Trusts Her Mentors and Advisors
  • Leads a Vision for a Better World

Is this a business mastermind?

Yes and no. Yes, you will receive everything you usually receive in a business mastermind. Strategy, guidance, support….

AND, this is so much more than that.

This is for people who are looking for something different than the usual masculine way of business and entrepreneurial strategy masterminding.

This is for conscious female leaders who don’t just want the strategy, but they also want the soul growth, the feminine sensuality, the spiritual support, the sisterhood, the soulfulness, and the space held for them to fully embody their leadership.

This is about embodying your leadership in an integrated way.

Masculine Strategy and Mindset meets Feminine Magnetism, Energetics and Embodiment

It’s time to surrender all the old hustle-your-face-off ways – and officially rise, as the feminine leader you were born to be.

This is your official invitation to rise into your Queendom…

About Mel Wells

Mel Wells is an Embodied Leadership Coach for ambitious female trailblazers looking to find an embodied way of growing their businesses and influence, whilst not sacrificing themselves, their bodies or their relationships along the way. Using a masculine + feminine integrative approach, she coaches CEOs and ambitious women to connect and harness the power of their feminine energy, to create a business that is in full alignment and can flow. She is certified in a host of modalities and topics to create transformation for her clients, from female sexuality, love, relationships, family dynamics, masculine + feminine work, health, and eating psychology, all using a trauma informed, somatic and psychology combined approach. Mel is also a bestselling Hay House Author of two books, The Goddess Revolution, and Hungry For More, with a third book on the way in 2022. 

As well as having founded the online membership platform The Goddess Collective, which empowers and coaches hundreds of soul led women on their journey of personal and spiritual evolution, from all over the world, Mel has also led 30+ retreats in places like Bali, Thailand and The Maldives. She is the host of the iTunes #2 ranked podcast Love, Sex and Magic, a TEDX speaker, and the founder of the weekend LIVE global event The Self Love Summit. She has also been featured in Forbes Under 30 as “a voice for the silent struggle millions of women know so well.”

A month inside The Queendom…

  • LIVE: 2-hour Coaching + Embodiment Call with Mel
  • Released 2-hour Training with Mel
  • LIVE: New Moon Sound Healing
  • LIVE 2-hour Coaching + Business Strategy Call with Mel
  • LIVE: 2-hour Coaching Support with Alexandria
  • LIVE: Full Moon Release and Breathwork
  • Released Guest Expert Training
  • Exclusive Queendom Voxer Group Check-In
  • VIP Brain & Heart Hot-Seating Session

New to 2022

BONUS Trainings


Designing, Creating & Implementing Facebook Ads That Convert

Learn from a 7-figure ads agency about the ins and outs of paid promotion for your next big launch.


Building, Launching & Scaling Your Membership

Understand the moving part and possibilities that come with adding a membership to your product suite.


Meet Mel’s Dream Team

Get to know the faces behind the business and how to build your own.

Alexandria Maria: Support Coach

Empowerment Coach & Award-Winning Business Mentor

2-hour coaching support call every month

Alexandria’s mission is to reignite the spark within thousands of women, reconnect them with their true desires and make their dream life become their reality. A manifestation expert and passionate coach for female entrepreneurs, Alex also holds a Masters degree in Business from USYD and sold her first product based food business CHAM to Wholefoods, Selfridges and more. Alex has been featured on Dragon’s Den and was also shortlisted for Young Entrepreneur of The Year in 2019.

Monthly Wild Woman Magic

  • Live Monthly New Moon Manifesting and Sound Healing 
  • Live Monthly Full Moon Release and Breathwork
Value $3,000

Monthly Wild Woman Magic



Helle Weston

Co Founder of Owaken Breathwork, Breathwork Facilitator for Sensitive Visionaries, Creatives and Conscious Leaders.

Sound Healing:

Holly Husler

Sound Healer, Musician & Wellness Teacher.

The Spotlight Series – hosted by Mel Wells

Trainings on:

  • Launching Your Offerings
  • Launching a High Ranked Podcast
  • Landing Your Book Deal and Writing Your Book
  • The Soul of Your Services
  • Align + Grow on Social Media
Value $15,000

The Feminine Leadership Series – hosted by Mel Wells

Trainings on:

  • The Art of Feminine Leadership
  • Magnetising Your Soulmate Clients
  • Soulful ‘Sales’ Calls
  • Upgrading Your Wealth Consciousness
Value $15,000


New to 2022

Group Session:

Quarterly Review of Your Business

4 in total!

Every Queen Gets

20% Discount on a Personal Branding Photography Shoot

with Bry Penney

Access Guest Expert Trainings From

Trudi LeBron

Grow a Diverse, Equitable Business

Trudi LeBron

Diversity and Inclusion Expert and Social Impact Strategist

Amanda Bucci

Your Entrepreneurial Archetype Analysis

Amanda Bucci

Conscious Leadership and Business Coach

Ashae Sundara

On Feminine Energy Integration in Business

Ashae Sundara

Feminine Leadership and Soul Alignment Coach.

Rachel Bell

Using Social Media As a Tool For Optimal Success

Rachel Bell

A Mentor to Coaches to Create 6-Figure Businesses Using Social Media.

Natalia Benson

On Money, Motivation & Mysticism

Natalia Benson

Conscious Business Coach, Money Mentor and Astrologer.

Suzy Ashworth

Sell Your High Ticket Offers

Suzy Ashworth

Quantum Transformation Coach, Hay House Author

Rha Goddess

Soul Led Leadership For The New Paradigm

Rha Goddess

Entrepreneurial Soul Coach for Changemakers and Bestselling Author of The Calling 

Guest Experts for 2022 TBA.

VALUE $15,000



3 Days of deep immersion in the jungle together, helping you scale with heart, expand your vision, and embody your authentic leadership.
*Accommodation not included.

VALUE $5,000


Your price… a fraction of this.

Applications Closed.

What our queens have to say about working with Mel




“After 2 sessions with Mel I have already achieved a huge goal I set out to achieve when I invested in myself to work with her. I love how safe I feel around Mel and how I can tell her absolutely anything without judgement. I feel so much more integrated in my divine feminine and know this is just the beginning of what is possible for me as I fully claim my own QUEENDOM.”




“Working with Melissa was the best decision I could’ve made for myself in 2020. With her help I was able to reclaim my sexuality and take a huge step in healing my relationships. I called a whole new level of abundance into my life and gained so much more self confidence. I am so happy I invested in myself and would totally work with her again!”


Pay In Full

and Receive:

BONUS Day in Costa Rica with Mel (Value: $3,500)


If you desire even more personal support from Mel, there is a VIP option for this Mastermind, where you can also receive:

  • A 2-hour private session with Mel to map out your entire 2022 strategy for your business
  • Brain + Heart Group Hot-Seating Sessions: An intimate monthly experience with Mel where you can ask questions on your business strategy, the magic that’s missing, and how to empower yourself to achieve your biggest goals

Doors Close 22nd December


Applications closed.

And there’s more…

An Example Of A Month Inside The Queendom Calendar

  • LIVE: 2-hour Coaching + Embodiment Call with Mel
  • Released 2-hour Training with Mel
  • LIVE: New Moon Sound Healing with Aisha
  • LIVE 2-hour Coaching + Business Strategy Call with Mel
  • LIVE: 2-hour Coaching Support with Alexandria
  • LIVE: Full Moon Release and Breathwork with Helle
  • Released Guest Expert Training with Amanda Bucci
  • Exclusive Queendom Voxer Group Check-In
  • VIP Brain & Heart Hot-Seating Session

Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.

John Maxwell

Here’s what I do:

  • Empower you to you create and execute your big vision for the next 12 months.
  • Hold space for you to step into your leadership.
  • Support you, answer questions, coach you.
  • Empower you to strategise and make decisions.
  • Help you see your blind spots.
  • Help you break through your next big income goal.
  • Help you to know what to focus on next
  • Introduce you to my network and friendships
  • Motivate you and inspire you to keep breaking through to those next levels.

Here’s what I don’t do:

Hold your hand.

Do all the work or make your decisions for you.

Tell you how to have a business just like mine. It’s your business, not mine!

Teach you how to do basic online things, like getting your first clients, building a page etc. You’re past that.

The Queendom IS for you if

  • You know you’re incredible at the transformation you get for your clients.
  • You’re already an established entrepreneur and business owner.
  • You see your work as a divine mission and a soul purpose, not a job.
  • You know that your business growth is a direct reflection of your inner work and soul growth.
  • You’re ready to stop being the Hustler, and step up into being The Queen.

The Queendom is NOT for you if

You don’t own a business yet.

You are still in start up phase, and haven’t started properly working with clients.

You are still unclear who your client is.

You aren’t confident on your results.

You still see your business as a side hustle.

If you are ready to:

Embody Your Leadership
Execute Your Vision
and Step into your Queendom. Applications are now closed.

I am not afraid. I was born to do this.

Joan of Arc


What time will the calls be? What if I can't make them live?

Whilst we’re working to make the call times variable and suitable for most international time zones, if you miss any calls, fear not! All calls will be recorded and uploaded onto your online portal for access and review at any time. 

What do I receive when I sign up as a VIP Queen?

If you sign up to The Queendom for VIP enrolment, you will receive (on top of all the program curriculum):

  • A 2-hour private session with Mel to map out your entire 2022 strategy for your business
  • Brain + Heart Group Hot-Seating Sessions
    • An intimate monthly experience with Mel where you can ask questions on your business strategy, the magic that’s missing, and how to empower yourself to achieve your biggest goals
What do I receive when I pay for The Queendom in full?

If you sign up to The Queendom on a Pay In Full investment, you will receive (on top of all the program curriculum):

  • A bonus day in Costa Rica with Mel (Value: $3,500)
What if I'm unable to attend the retreat bonus in Costa Rica due to Covid-19?

We’re confident in international travel being open in 2022 for travel to Costa Rica. However, if Covid-19 means we’re unable to hold the retreat in person for any reason, we will postpone it to a later date. Please refer to our T&Cs for further information.

What level do I need to be at to join The Queendom?

If your business is not generating $5,000 a month, The Queendom will most likely not be a good fit for you as we won’t be covering the foundations of business. For example, we have Queens inside the mastermind that are generating anywhere between $60k, to $3m per year.

Who do I contact for any queries?
Email vip@melwells.com and your email will be responded to within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.
What if I change my mind?

We’re confident that once you sign up for the Queendom Mastermind, you’ll be sure you’ve made the right decision. However, if for any reason you change your mind, there is a 7-day cooling-off period after you have joined. Please email vip@melwells.com. Please refer to our T&Cs for further information.