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Relationship Advice For New Parents (Pt.1) with Sean Jenkins

Episode 104

Imagine diving into parenthood as a new relationship, in a new state, and completely rebirthed into a new version of yourselves. Enter, Mel & Sean. Still, our story isn’t so different to many who are introducing their first child into the world, and if there’s something we’ve noticed, it is just how much more “relationship stuff” we’ve needed to navigate with one another right in the midst of becoming parents.

In this episode, I sit down with my partner, Sean Jenkins, and we’re sharing relationship advice for new parents!

Time Stamps

0:42 Navigating a new relationship as new parents
07:22 The work/life balance dynamic
15:34 The importance of nurturing your romantic relationship
21:58 Removing the culture of competition and/or judgment from the unit

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