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Make Shift Happen In Your Business Through Feminine Leadership in 2023 with Samantha Daily

Episode 107

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Samantha Daily, a previous member of The Queendom which is my expansive mastermind for feminine leaders across the world. We talk all things business building, coaching, shifting our relationship with our work lives, how we organise our calendars, how we integrate feminine leadership into our life and business and Sam’s journey working with me inside The Queendom.

Samantha is a Spiritual Business & Mindset Coach, certified Past Life Regression Practitioner & top podcast host from New York. Her journey into the world of self-development began after she graduated college and decided to take the untraditional path by turning down her corporate job offers and moving to Europe. She packed her life into two suitcases and left everything behind to explore the world, expand her mind and find her purpose. Now, as a professional coach she helps women all over the world rewire their subconscious minds, build successful businesses, attract love & money, and manifest their dreams by empowering them with elite mindset tools and powerful daily rituals.

Time Stamps

2:31 Testing your sacral authority when making career-based decisions
8:38 How Sam entered the coaching space in an industry that was seemingly saturated
14:43 What are you looking for when choosing a mentor or coach to guide you?
18:25 Samantha’s relationship with her business before and after joining The Queendom
29:51 Why integrating feminine embodiment into your leadership is essential for the success of you business
32:26 How “doing business” looks for Samantha today; messages from spirit, next-level leadership
36:01 Mel’s 3 questions

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