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Love, Sex & Magic LIVE Q&A at The Goddess Collective Retreat

Episode 109

I’m soouull excited to share this episode with you as this was something we’d never done before. This episode was shot live at my recent Goddess Collective Retreat in Costa Rica this past December, where my gorgeous guests asked their juicy questions all on love, sex and magic!

Time Stamps

1:46 How do I integrate the work after an intense/immersive personal development experience?
7:08 How to get out of your head and into your body when engaging in intimacy
10:20 How do I project my feminine when people are intimidated by me?
12:47 What advice do you have for an entrepreneur who is struggling with direction and consistency?
16:27 What are your biggest tips in creating harmony with with your partner?
20:51 What are some tips for experiencing the most pleasureful sex
28:23 Share more on where I can begin to heal The Father Wound?
35:56 How do I integrate the feminine energetics into my business?
39:57 How does The Father Wound impact if you had a really healthy relationship with your father?
45:45 Mel’s journey with the divine feminine archetypes
54:33 Advice for early entrepreneurs
1:01:28 How to trust the medical system after experiencing medical trauma

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