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The Transformational Process of Surrender: Trusting Life with Nicky Clinch

Episode 41

Nicky Clinch is a Maturation Coach & Facilitator, Integrative Counsellor, Hay House Author & Mentor, and a dear friend of mine. Her first book “Surrender” is due for publication in June 2021. She is also the founder of The Alchemy of Being – The Academy of Maturation Coaching.

Her mission in life is for you to break free of the confines of your past traumas, self-defeating patterns and suffering, so that you can realise and come home to who you truly are. To live your life from your wholeness, your radiance and your true authentic power.

This is a beautiful conversation where we dove into unpacking and healing our trauma, navigating our way out of societal conditioning and our collective awakening, along with life, death and rebirth. It’s such a powerful episode, and it’s made with so much love for you.

Time Stamps

1:50 Nicky’s childhood
5:33 Thriving vs. Surviving
12:25 Surrendering to the collective awakening
18:30 We cannot heal what we cannot see
25:52 Do you want to get by, or do you want to LIVE?
32:04 How death leads to birth
39:20 Nicky’s book, ‘Surrender’
41:55 Mel’s 3 questions

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