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Orgasms That Change Your Life with Kim Anami

Episode 11

My guest for Episode 11 is holistic sex and intimacy coach Kim Anami. She is also host of The Orgasmic Enlightenment Podcast, and you might recognise her from her viral vaginal weightlifting posts, where she made famous the #ThingsILiftWithMyVagina hashtag.

In this episode we dive deep into female sexual anatomy, and the importance of having a strong vagina. Kim talks us through her journey, her vaginal kung-fu practice, and exactly what toys you should be using if you’re looking to strengthen your vaginal muscles and open yourself up to a more fulfilling sex life.

She’s got tips, tricks and techniques you can use to make sex a more spiritual experience, and even offers up advice on how to broach the conversation with your partner. Kim believes that sex is an essential medicine that can be used as a path to enlightenment – and the best news is, it’s available to everyone! 

We cover all types of orgasms, and everything from squirting to anal, debunking plenty of myths along the way. What’s more, Kim shares what could be blocking you from experiencing the most soul-shaking, life changing orgasms and how you can access them NOW. Spoiler alert: it’s all about trust and surrender. There are no holds barred in this super sexy episode, so be sure to grab some headphones and get stuck in!

Time Stamps:

  • 1:25 Kim’s journey 
  • 3:53 Vaginal weight lifting and kung-fu
  • 7:48 Yoni eggs
  • 11:56 Common misconceptions
  • 14:22 Types of female orgasm
  • 19:25 Sex and spirituality
  • 22:16 Cervical orgasms
  • 24:08 Gourmet sex vs junk food sex
  • 26:25 Male orgasm 
  • 30:55 Female ejaculation and anal orgasms
  • 38:20 Talking sex toys
  • 43:48 The 3 questions I ask every LSM guest

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