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Experience Soul Success In 2020 with Rha Goddess

Episode 13

My guest for Episode 13 of the Love, Sex + Magic Podcast is the Queen that is Rha Goddess. She’s the entrepreneurial soul coach behind hundreds of breakthrough changemakers, cultural visionaries and social entrepreneurs… From multiple New York Times bestsellers, to multimillion dollar social enterprises, Rha’s unique methodology has empowered a new generation of conscious entrepreneurs to stay true, get paid and do good.

In this episode, we’re all about alignment. We discuss how you can get aligned to your soul’s path, as well as how you can tell when you’re not in alignment vs when you are co-creating with the Universe. We talk cycles and seasons, riffing on how everyone’s rhythm is different, and how true soul success comes when you can experience richness no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Rha states that your calling has your name on it, so only you can do the work you were put on the planet to do. She also describes the Universe as a gangster, alluding to the fact that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but if you are willing to put in the deep work, an extraordinary life is out there waiting for you.

Then we dive deep into 2020, and what has been called The Great Awakening or Collective Awakening by many. Rha refers to this as The Sacred Pause, and believes that although we are on a rollercoaster of sustained discomfort and prolonged uncertainty, we are being offered a chance to look inward, reset and create real change in the world for the better. We’re being presented with a choice to fight or surrender, and Rha shares the 3 opportunities for growth that she sees we are being given. Tune in to find out how – despite everything – you can make 2020 your year.

Time Stamps:

  • 2:47 How Rha found her calling
  • 7:49 The Sacred Pause of 2020
  • 17:09 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • 19:56 Your calling is your life’s work
  • 20:56 Entrepreneurship and soul alignment
  • 25:47 Alignment and financial abundance
  • 38:51 How to know when you’re not in alignment
  • 45:53 Rhythms and seasons
  • 47:06 The future of our planet
  • 50:49 What Rha has going on right now
  • 52:30 The 3 questions I ask every LSM guest
  • 55:22 Where you can find Rha

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