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Empowered Pregnancy with Latham Thomas

Episode 20

I’m super excited to welcome the incredible woman that is Latham Thomas to the Love, Sex + Magic podcast. She’s a doula, a doula trainer, and founder of Mama Glow, New York’s premiere maternity lifestyle brand committed to supporting women along the childbearing journey, offering a full spectrum approach to holistic wellness.

Latham helps women take back their power during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Her work centres around holding space for them as they bring new life into the world, and transition from maiden to mother – and so in this ep. she offers tons of advice on how you can experience motherhood in a more spiritual and soulful way. 

As she is passionate about using her voice for good around motherhood and birthing, we also address the black maternal health crisis in the US and globally. Latham believes that anti-racism work begins at birth and encourages people to take their activism to a seed level. She also shares what she’s doing to be part of the change.

If you’re a mother, mum-to-be, or just interested in understanding more about the incredible reproductive journey of motherhood from a human and spiritual perspective, then you’ll love this episode. I personally found this conversation so rich and nourishing, and I know you will too. Dive on in!

Time Stamps:

  • 3:19 Latham’s journey
  • 11:31 Cultural shifts in pregnancy and birthing
  • 14:40 Black maternal health
  • 21:05 How to have an empowered pregnancy
  • 28:40 The modern healthcare system
  • 33:35 Working with a doula
  • 36:50 When to connect with a doula
  • 39:10 Every woman deserves support
  • 46:35 Where you can find Latham’s work

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