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Embody What You Preach with Alexi Panos


Episode 16

My incredible guest for Episode 16 of the Love Sex + Magic Podcast is Alexi Panos – a woman who has inspired me for so long. She’s a mum of 3, humanitarian, coach and leader who’s impacted thousands of people all over the world with her message and work.

In this episode we dive deep into 2020 and what is being asked of us all right now. We talk social media, covering how to stay grounded and informed when we’re bombarded with new information every week, and how to show up responsibly. There is a huge shift happening this year, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Alexi believes even if you have a following of 10 you are a leader, and she offers up her 3 top tips on how to be the change.

We also get personal, and Alexi tells us what it’s like to juggle being a mother of 3 (all under  3!) while staying connected to your purpose. She speaks of motherhood as a right of passage, and reveals what she has learned in the transition from maiden to mother. And finally, we dig deep into the amazing King and Queen dynamic she has with her partner Preston. 

This juicy episode is packed full of wisdom and inspiration. So, if you’re looking to uplevel your life on a personal or collective level, or just want to make sense of everything that’s happening in 2020, I promise you’ll get SO much value out of this!


Time Stamps:

  • 1:20 How Alexi manages her energy
  • 9:10 Motherhood as a right of passage
  • 13:43 What 2020 is asking of us 
  • 19:09 Leading the change
  • 23:24 The art of surrender
  • 24:24 The role of social media
  • 27:04 Being authentic
  • 31:13 3 ways to be the change
  • 39:01 The power people
  • 44:38 Change takes time
  • 49:56 Alexi’s relationship
  • 54:29 The 3 questions I ask every LSM guest


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