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The Self Pleasure Episode with Rosie Rees

Episode 21

Welcome to my juiciest episode yet as I talk with founder of the crystal sex toy company ‘Yoni Pleasure Palace’ ,  entrepreneur and creator of the well-known three hour Women’s Nude Yoga workshop, ‘Naked Awakening’, Rosie Rees.

After ditching her vibrator in 2013, Rosie decided to create an online shop dedicated to slowing down self pleasure and prioritising pelvic floor wellness. What started with a simple Jade Egg practice transformed into designing bespoke pleasure wands and de-armouring tools for women with differing pelvic needs and pleasure desires. As a modern day nudist, Rosie also believes that spending more time naked on the yoga mat creates a healthier body image and improves our beliefs and perceptions about our body.We talk about Rosie’s most life-changing sexual experiences, the limiting beliefs that are holding us back from self-pleasure, opening up to same sex relationship later in life and more goodness in between.

Time Stamps

2:10 The naked awakening
6:30 Cultivating courage to spend more time nude
9:30 Discovering self-pleasure
13:20 Using a Jade Egg to reclaim your Yoni
21:00 Misconceptions about pleasure
25:00 Advice for self-pleasure newbies
28:10 Bringing sensuality back to sex
32:20 What to start doing inside the bedroom (and what to stop doing)
38:00 The key to conscious sex
43:00 Opening up to same sex partnership
46:54 Conceiving in same sex relationships
53:00 A mission to penetrate the mainstream sex toy market
56:20 How to work with Rosie and Mel’s 3 questions

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