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The Life-Changing Power of Breathwork with Lukis Mac & Hellè Weston

Episode 77

Lukis Mac and Hellè Weston are on a mission to empower people to play full-out in life! When each of them discovered breathwork, they were totally blown away by the power of BREATH to create such massive shifts and unlock new possibilities in their lives. They believe that a huge part of you reaching your full potential is doing deep inner work to clear out the limiting beliefs, suppressed emotions and energetic blockages that get in the way of you fully expressing yourself and experiencing wellbeing in mind, body and soul. This is why they birthed Owaken Breathwork to the world for more people to benefit from this transformational tool.

They’re the King & Queen of breathwork in my life and in this episode, we spoke on the results and transformational experiences of breathwork. We also dove into Hellè & Lukis’ 14-year partnership and how breathwork has supported their relationship, along with the power this practice has had in order to strengthen their intuition and develop them into the leaders they are today.

Time Stamps

2:42 When breathwork entered Lukis & Hellè’s life
8:14 What is REALLY happening in a breathwork journey?
18:02 What is Owaken Breathwork?
25:40 How healing is addictive and taking action on your intuition
37:05 How breathwork has supported Hellè & Lukis’ 14-year partnership
45:48 Breathwork and sex
48:47 Mel’s 3 questions and the vision of Owaken Breathwork

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