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Create More Energy Through Self Love with Koya Webb

Episode 8

I was so excited to welcome Koya Webb onto the Love, Sex + Magic Podcast for Episode 8. Koya is an internationally recognised yoga teacher and holistic health coach whose core mission is to promote daily self care and self love for all. In this episode we cover her incredible journey from competitive track and field athlete to the life she leads today.

We chat through Koya’s favourite self care tools, which are focussed around breathing, time in nature, and methods for reducing stress… She believes that striving for perfection only leads to burnout or stagnancy, so the goal in life is to find an approach that’s balanced and harmonious.

We hear all about Koya’s book Let Your Fear Make You Fierce, and she lifts the lid on how we can begin to see fear as a friend. She believes that everything in life is happening FOR us and not just to us, and that fear shows us where we can be better.

Along with all of this – as Koya is a vegan activist – we focus on food, and how we can find what specific choices work for us individually. Then we touch upon the world change we are seeing right now and how she is ready to step up into her role in the movement. Her energy is completely contagious, and I’ve no doubt you’ll finish this episode feeling energised and inspired to live a happier, healthier life.

Time Stamps:

  • 2:51 Koya’s unique journey
  • 6:21 Defying boundaries
  • 8:50 Foods that love you back
  • 11:23 Koya’s introduction to yoga
  • 12:49 Yoga as a spiritual tool
  • 17:48 Favourite acts of self love
  • 19:51 Defining discipline
  • 23:49 Making decisions around food
  • 31:33 Where to begin with habits and rituals
  • 34:32 Let Your Fears Make You Fierce
  • 39:30 What Koya’s excited about
  • 44:20 The 3 questions I ask every LSM guest

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