Guys, stop thinking like you have to “earn” the right to eat the foods you wanna eat.

One workout doesn’t then entitle you to feel like you “earned” a pizza. ??

One pizza doesn’t mean you then *have* to then go workout after “to make up for it”.  NO.

Also – you don’t have to caption any non-virtuous-non-insta-worthy food with “it’s all about balance” either. We know it’s all about balance. But when you use that caption what you basically mean to write is “Please don’t judge me for eating this…I promise I’ll go workout tomorrow!” Let’s stop that right now shall we? Quit judging yourself ?

Yes it’s about balance but it’s also about eating the foods you love, guilt free! ❤

You want to drink wine ?, eat pizza ?, have that chocolate ? and you HAVEN’T (heavens forbid) worked out that day?! Please! You go knock yourself out honey. I do it all the time. Sometimes I work out a lot, often times I don’t, because…life! ? I still eat whatever I want guilt free regardless of how much exercise I’ve done or not done that day.

Want to improve your relationship with food and your body?

‘Make the separation between your food + the amount you’ve worked out that day.’

When you’re constantly thinking in your mind:

“Am I ALLOWED that food?”,

“Have I been GOOD enough?”

“Do I DESERVE it?”

You keep yourself stuck in judgement + fear. You don’t need to EARN the right to eat what YOU want to eat. Take ownership, make a choice, see it through. Working out regularly is a great way to look after your body! ? But don’t use it as a way to determine what you are or aren’t “allowed” to eat that day. Kkkk? ?

And if you’re new here I’m not a PT or a weight loss coach, I coach women on how to DROP the diet mentality and drop all the crazy habits we pick up around food, and UNLEARN years of diet culture conditioning – so you can have a freaking amazing lifestyle of FREEDOM and true health – no rules or meal plans required. A big part of this is SELF LOVE – the most neglected part of health there is! ❤

 Mel XO