Every now and then I get asked a question along the lines of

“Do you find it difficult eating the way you do?”
“Is this food ok with you – should we go to a raw food restaurant instead?”
“How do you find things on the menu?”


So let me tell you how I eat.

                                                                     I eat a very normal, balanced diet.

I eat whatever I want.


If I want something, I eat it and I enjoy it.

It just so happens

That usually what I want

Is to make my body feel nourished.

I am not a vegan

Nor a vegetarian

I do not eat by following rules

I used to do this and it made me very unhappy.

I eat when I’m hungry

I (try to) stop when I’m full.

I love fish and seafood

I try to not have much dairy or bread

As my body tells me

They don’t agree

But sometimes – I want to so I eat them still anyway.

I don’t eat meat anymore but

Who knows maybe one day

I will really want to

But right now I feel better without.

I eat hearty vegetarian meals

Big salads

Lots of smoothies and green juices

Good fats and plant proteins.

But I also really love sushi.
I love experimenting and trying foods I’ve never tried before.

I love red wine and a cheeseboard.

And sometimes I just really fancy pizza.

I will never again deprive myself of food I want to eat.

I know the vision for how I want my relationship with food to be:

Freedom based.

Never again tied down by rules.

But listening to my body’s natural intuition

And connecting on a daily basis

I am no saint

I do not have a perfect diet nor do I want to.

I know I make mainly healthful choices

And enjoy my decisions.

And I refuse to punish myself.

So yes.

Most of my own recipes are plant based 

All of them are healthful

You won’t find meat in my recipes

Nor refined sugar, or a lot of dairy

And this is not because I am telling you never to eat these foods

Or trying to pretend I have a perfect diet.

It’s because of the simple fact

People do not need more meat in their diet

People do not need more sugar or more dairy

People need more plants

More nutrition

More goodness

More nutrient dense foods

More leafy greens

More superfoods

So I’m writing this to remind you

Even though I provide these recipes

And help women eat better

My real job is helping you find freedom around food

And have a better relationship with your body and how you treat her.

I don’t want you to be perfect

I want you to be Ok with being imperfect.

I want you to BASK in your imperfect-ness.

And I want to assure you 

That I am far from perfect

I am imperfect just like the rest of the world

There are like 7 billion of us

And I love food.

And I want you to love food too.

And not be at war with it.

This is not a diet.

This is the opposite of a diet.

Your body does not want a set of rules

Or to start again on Monday

Your body is crying out to be listened to

To be connected with.






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