It hurts a little

If you heard someone say it about you?
She’s so full of herself
She loves herself so much
You might say it about other women
I’ve had it said about me…
And I admit, in the past I’ve said it about others too
Because it makes you feel better somehow
She’s so into herself….we roll our eyes.
Somewhere along the way,
You thought it would make you feel safer.
To dim your light
To fit in with the crowd
To be liked more
To not stand out too much
To not live too big
To not intimidate those around you
To not shine too brightly
To not be judged
To stay where it’s safe
If we actually loved ourselves, or were ‘full of ourselves’ ….what would people think?
I used to hate myself
Feel broken
Desperate to be liked
Desperate to fit in
The last thing I wanted to do was love myself.
I just wanted to be liked.
You are not meant to fit in.
You are meant to fit YOU.
You are meant to be full up of yourself!
You are here to live BIG
You are here to fall in love with yourself
If you are not full of yourself
If you are not in love with who you are in this world,
Who else will be?
You are magnificent 
And it is your divine right
To be FULL of your own life 
To place your happiness in YOUR own hands
Rather than always be looking to place it in someone else’s
You are magnificent
And it is your divine right
To fall in love with yourself
Realise who you were born to be
And design a life you love
You are magnificent
And it is your divine right
To say yes to yourself
To say no to the things that don’t serve you
All because you love yourself
And know yourself
And are FULL up with your own life.
We are not here to play small, just so we don’t upset or intimidate anyone.
We are not here to fit in, just so we don’t get judged.
People will judge everything anyway – you know that right?
The first and most important relationship of your life
Is the one with self.
Everything in your life
Is a mirror of your relationship with self.
Being full of yourself is not an insult
It’s a huge compliment.
When we are FULL of ourselves, we are full up.
We lead rich, full, abundant lives
We are full, satisfied – happy, content, grateful.
We don’t look to other things to fill us up…
(Yes – I’m talking about food….)
So I hereby challenge you to get full of yourself…
Try it on for size, Goddess…

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