Perfectionism is destroying your spirit.
I recently heard Elizabeth Gilbert say
“Perfection is a serial killer”
He has led your inner child down a dangerous path
Chasing a butterfly she will never catch.

 Is this the life you want, darling Goddess?

To control your food meticulously for the rest of your life?
Will that bring you happiness?

I know it feels great when your scales are on your side
You feel so powerful that day
So in control
So virtuous
But when you eat something not perfect
Or gain a pound or two
Your whole world crumbles.

I know it’s not fun to live on that roller coaster, Goddess.

I know how great you feel when you’ve been riding all the way to the top
But as soon as you’re there
You know you’re coming down –

And it’s horrible to watch
But please don’t panic.
We know you’re not perfect.
But here’s a secret. None of us are.
No – not even those girls that you think are.

It’s actually impossible to be perfect
And I know you’re thinking
I don’t even want to be perfect, Mel
I just want to lose this weight
Be this number
Then I’ll be happy
But Goddess you won’t
I guarantee you won’t

What will bring you happiness is not a number
What will bring you happiness is freedom.
Freedom from the quest of perfection
Freedom from this battle

Because perfectionism is a full time job.
But you’re not getting paid – you’re just a full time volunteer.
And you put so much time and effort into it
And it takes up all your headspace

But you have a whole life that is waiting for you to go out and live it
And make mistakes
And have fun
And make a mess
And make things up as you go along.

We love when you do that
We love when you laugh
We love when you go with the flow
We love when you surrender
We love when you allow yourself to enjoy life

It’s so beautiful and we fall in love with you
When you are being yourself
When you are enjoying life.

Nobody cares if you have a perfect intake
Nobody cares if you hit your goal weight

Did you know when you’re busy trying to be perfect
Your friends and family wonder where you have gone?
While you’re off in your own world
Beating yourself up

All we want is for you to be free.
It’s time to come home
It’s time to let your soul shine again.
Fabulous, flawed, imperfect
Beautifully you.

We know you’re not perfect, Goddess.
It’s okay – neither are we.

All we want is for you to be happy and free like us.
All we want is for you to stop fighting yourself.
You will only win this war when you stop fighting.
Keep fighting and you will be fighting forever.

 Your best is good enough.
Stop the fight.

And now that you don’t need to be perfect,
You can be real.




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