When I developed my eating disorder in my late teens it was also the time that “size zero” was everywhere. Victoria Beckham was the most talked about celebrity on the planet, and alongside her, Mary Kate Olsen, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie gave us “the lollipop head look”. Every magazine cover was dramatising emaciated looking stars and glamorising their suspected battles.


If you’re in your late 20’s like me I’m sure you remember these days well. Not exactly great for us teens who were just becoming women. Especially as a young aspiring actress, I saw thin, emaciated celebrities and thought that “more thin equaled more successful.” And so I fought against my new womanly curves, trying to maintain a childlike body.

NOW, fast forward 10 years, the industry has moved on and the most talked about celebrity on the planet is Kim K, and the rest of the Kardashians. And so the body shape trend has changed to match. Everyone suddenly started squatting loads to achieve a “bubble butt” because it’s ‘the desired look’.  All because of the celebrities the world is choosing to idolise at that time.
You know that phrase, “Does my bum look big in this?”…well that came from a time not even that long ago, where the fashion was small bums, and NOBODY wanted a big bum!

What I’m saying is – recognise that body “ideals” in the media are constantly changing depending on who our biggest celebrities are at that time. Last decade was the lollipop head and size zero, then it was the Kardashian big booty and lip fillers, so in another 10 years what will the fashionable look be?

Bottom line is – don’t let yourself be sucked into changing your body to what you think is “in”.

Body love and acceptance will always be in. Health and happiness too. So do that. And do it for life, and because it feels awesome, not just because it’s ‘in’ <3

Body love is not just about saying the words – it’s about being comfortable with who you are and loving every part of that. Fashions change, magazines change, the celebrity world is constantly changing. But don’t YOU change because of it. Own who you are and love every part of yourself.


XO #TheGoddessRevolution