Sometimes I receive a comment on what gives me the right to teach body love, when my body looks this way?

This doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, because I know the place that it comes from very well. I know from experience that when you yourself are super critical and judgemental of your own body, you also find it quick and easy to pass judgements on other women’s bodies too, and make assumptions about how they live, and how they eat.

I teach body love because I have learned to love and accept all parts of me, including my body, which I used to punish, manipulate and abuse. I teach body love because I have been much thinner than this and hated my body, I have been bigger than this and hated my body, I have been more muscular than this and hated my body….do you see the pattern?

Changing your body will not make you love yourself. But loving yourself can make your body change.

I have loved myself to where my body naturally wants to be at this point in my life. It will still change as the years go on and as I experience different new chapters…and that is something I now embrace with love, rather than try to keep my body at one place for all eternity. You cannot control these things, no matter how you try. It is impossible and goes against nature!

Honour your body as she evolves with you and adapts to how you treat her and nourish her each day. Love every part of the journey and watch your body support you when you show her you are ready to make peace <3

 Mel XO