Let me introduce you to Your Inner Skinny Bitch.

She’s the voice inside your head who says

you need to start a diet this Monday before you get ‘out of control!’

The voice who wants you to cling for dear life to a new set of rules to follow.

The voice that says you’re a failure at everything you do.

The voice that calls you fat every time you walk past a shop window.

She’s the voice that took over your head when you were obsessed about fitting into that dress for that one time.

Or the voice who thought it was cool to live on Diet Coke and coffee all day long.

She’s also the voice who bitches about other women. Yep – she’s that bitch!

The voice who judges other women based on their bodies.

The voice who compares your body to everyone else’s in the room.

The voice who tells you that you ‘need’ to lose another 10lbs.

The voice who made you a slave to the scales.


That voice? Why, she’s your inner skinny bitch. Give her a wave.

You can even give her a name if you like.


The truth is, this voice exists in the back of every woman’s head.

And when we listen to her and give her power, that’s when we go under.

You’re not losing control – you just gave that bitch a mic and a stage.


This bitch represents your fear of not being enough.

Or of never being enough.

Good enough, skinny enough, perfect enough.

She tells you you need rules, a structure, a new diet.

She tells you that you’re broken and need fixing.

She tells you freedom doesn’t work for you, and that you deserve to be imprisoned by diets instead.


This bitch is here to continually test you, and test you she shall.


Listen to the way Elizabeth Gilbert describes dealing with Fear.


Fear is always coming along for the ride, but fear sits in the back seat, isn’t allowed to decide where we are going, isn’t allowed to make decisions, and isn’t allowed to touch the radio.


Your Inner Skinny Bitch deserves the same treatment.


She never fully disappears – you just learn to shut her up, and drown her out.

You learn to tell her where she belongs.

And then she learns to pipe down and wind her neck in.


Truly, it’s a skill to put her in her place every day.

But the more we do it, the easier it gets.


How?…..with LOVE of course!


Drown her out with with thoughts and words of Love, and she will never get to win. 

When she understands you’re not putting up with any more of her shit, she will pipe down.


She might whisper in your ear now and again, but she knows you’ll just dismiss her and swipe her away like a fly flitting round your earlobe.

 The moment you give her a stage and a mic is when she gladly ruins your day. 

She will happily send you into a self loathing pit of ‘fat’ and ‘failure’, and you willingly let her! You practically hand yourself over to her, with handcuffs and all!


Here’s what you need to do instead.

Say to her:


Bitch, you’re boring me.

Change the record, seriously. I’m so over this shit you keep playing!

The stuff you are coming out with is actually laughable!

Oh LOL, you speak so much rubbish!

Lalala… Did somebody hear something?

Borrriiiiing, nobody’s listening to you….!

I’m seriously over this conversation already… snoozefest.


Flood your thoughts full of LOVE instead.


I am so worthy of love!

I feel and therefore look f*cking fabulous today!

I am uniquely beautiful in my own way.

I love this messy journey I am on, it’s so real and gorgeous!

Life is way too short to imprison myself.

I love how free I feel in my body!

I love how free I am around food, I don’t spend time dwelling on it!

I get to nourish my body with food that makes me feel and look so great.

I am the one who gets to decide what goes in my body every day.

I choose to talk to myself with only loving thoughts and words.


Sooner or later, her yelling and flapping around, becomes a faint whisper and a meek little voice.


My Inner Skinny Bitch used to dominate my thoughts.


Now, she goes to speak, but nothing really even comes out.


She knows I won’t put up with her boring shit any more 😉








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