When I was 15 and dreamed of being a soap star on TV, my teachers said “That’s nice, but it’s not very realistic.”

When I decided I wanted to move to LA with next to no money to get a manager in Hollywood, my partner said, “Come on, be realistic.”

When I wanted to start my dream business, helping women become healthier, but doing it all via my laptop – so I wasn’t tied to one place in the world? – “Be realistic! You need a stable job!”

Get a book deal with Hay House? Run a retreat in Bali? GET REAL- Who did I think I was? These things are SO unrealistic.

Come to think about it, the amount of times I’ve had the words ‘be realistic’ said to me in my life is pretty laughable.

Move my life to Bali without really knowing anyone there, buy the turquoise vespa from my vision board, and just DECIDE to live my dream life?

I mean it doesn’t sound very realistic does it?

Well SPOILER ALERT- I guess I went and did all of those things ANYWAY!

I say this to encourage you to live the life that YOU want, not the life that others say is ‘realistic’.

When someone says to you something isn’t realistic, do you ACTUALLY believe them?

The first thing I think is “So clearly YOU need to open your mind some more then.
Clearly YOU need to break through the ceiling of your own limiting beliefs.”

Because everything is realistic, if you make it so.

What if we were only here for ONE life?
What if this was IT?
Ohhhh shit! I guess it is!

Why are you creating vision boards, but then not ACTUALLY making any of it happen, because it feels too unrealistic?

Are you REALLY gonna spend your whole life being realistic?

If I’d have coloured in between the realistic lines, wowzer. I’d be stuck, stuck, stuck, wondering why I didn’t feel fulfilled or happy.

Realistic is a word designed to make you keep playing small and staying in your cute little comfort zone. Never being brave. Never taking risks, never going after your BIG scary dreams.

I say screw realistic.
It’s SO much more fun!

And it seems to be working out pretty good so far….