Do you find yourself starting 2017 with yet another resolution to lose weight and finally get to that magic number?
This year will be different!
This is the year I will actually keep it off!
And then my real life can begin!
Here’s the truth (which deep down you already know)
Diets are distracting you from the important things you’re ACTUALLY here to do.
And….with that mindset you will keep failing and finding yourself more and more miserable, (and probably heavier) year after year after year.
This year will NOT be any different.
THIS diet will not be any different from the last.
If it didn’t work last January, it’s not gonna work this January, either.
When will we finally start to realise that the diet and weight loss industry are not only making us fatter and more miserable,
But they are making us have completely dysfunctional relationships with food and our bodies!
FOOD is what gives us LIFE FORCE.
Our BODIES are our HOMES.
And yet so many women have completely f-cked up relationships with BOTH food AND our bodies.
Our life force, and our home, people!!
Don’t you want to ENJOY them?
Don’t you want to feel happy with them?
Scrap your New Year Diet Resolutions and be a diet rebel.
This year:
Instead of committing to a new set of rules, commit to being RULE FREE.
Instead of committing to weight loss, commit to ABUNDANT HEALTH.
Instead of committing to eating LESS food, commit to eating BETTER foods.
Instead of committing to being weight conscious, commit to being more HEALTH conscious.
Instead of punishing your body, focus on NOURISHING your body
Instead of hating your body into something it’s not, focus on LOVING your body into your happiest self.
Regardless of a number
Regardless of a size
Commit to happiness
Commit to freedom.
You’re worth it.
Mel xo