So, I put some ‘before and after’ photos on social media last week and wow – the response was CRAY-CRAY!

I had people congratulating me on my recent weight loss and body transformation…. LOLS.

I’m KIDDING, obviously.

(You know me better than that by now, Mel! 😉

Here’s the scoop – and my ‘before and after transformation’ photos…




What a difference, right?


***These photos were taken within 5 seconds of each other!***

Posture is everything, ladies. By stepping your legs apart, popping one hip, sucking in, putting your shoulders back and lifting your chest up, and tensing a bit you can make your body look completely different than it does than when you’re sticking your belly out, legs crossed, completely relaxed.

I’m obviously exaggerating both photos here to try and make a point, but try it yourself and see how different you can make your body look from one ‘before’ photo to an ‘after’ photo!

Did you know that some companies will actually BUY (or steal) before and after weight loss photos off the Internet and repurpose them as their own?

Most personal trainers I know would never do this, but I’m pointing the finger at companies pushing a weight loss tea, sachet, meal replacement shake or fat burner pill. I used to fall for it too!

If you’re seeing constant before and after photos, and the person in the photos is not tagged as a real person, just be wary that what you see might not be real at all, and even if it is, the results might not be attached to the product whatsoever.

Know this: The answer to true health and happiness in your body will never come in a shake, sachet, meal replacement shake or pill. (click to tweet)

The people who make real life transformations are the ones who ditch dieting and quick fixes forever, and instead design a healthy lifestyle they love.

Also – your body looks different in the morning than it does in the evening, different at various points in the month (hi menstrual cycle!) and completely different in photos depending on how you’re stood and how your posture is.

Remember a lot of what you see on the Internet is often just one carefully orchestrated snapshot.

To loving your whole, beautiful, real journey – and not taking the internet too seriously…