Serves 4

3 clementines

1 bottle of Port Wine (can sub for any other red)

1 star of anise

5 cloves

2 cinnamon sticks

¼ cup coconut nectar (can sub with maple syrup or honey)

¼ cup apple cider vinegar



1. Wash and peel the clementines.

2. Put the coconut nectar, the cloves, cinnamon sticks, the peel and juice of the clementines and about ¼ cup of the wine in a large saucepan over a medium heat.

3. Stir and let this simmer for about 5 minutes to create a syrupy-like base.

4. When the syrup is ready, turn the heat down to low and add the apple cider vinegar and the rest of the wine. Lightly heat the wine until it’s warm, this will take around 5 minutes, and serve it in your favourite heatproof glasses or Christmas mug.


If you don’t have clementines around you can sub it for 1 orange.