Your frenemy can feel like your best friend.

She gets it. 
She takes you in her arms and hugs you, at the end of a stressful day
Or when your love life takes a tumble…
You have good times with her.
She makes you feel so happy. 
Your friendship is a hit of pleasure and comfort at the same time.
She makes you feel grounded and safe.
She is your entertainment when you are bored.
When you need to fill time, she is there. 
When you need to be distracted, you know for sure you can rely on her to do that.
Or when you need to be calmed down – She will do that. She’s got your back.
But Goddess.
You know that when you go too far – She becomes your enemy.
Because without warning, she sends you into a downward spiral of self loathing.
She makes you feel unworthy, un-beautiful, unlovable.
She makes you feel small.
She takes great pleasure in knocking you down a peg or two.
She tells you that you’re not enough as you are, that you should change.
You hate the discomfort – the pain, the guilt and shame.
But for some reason, she convinces you that you deserve it.
And there you are again – at war with food once more.
It seems food wasn’t your friend after all.
Here’s the thing, Goddess:
Toxic relationships and friendships do NOT serve you.
And these toxic relationships and friendships can either be solved with one or two ways:
Either you walk away from the relationship altogether.
Or you heal it with trust, respect, and love.
You can’t heal a toxic relationship by putting more hate and fight into it. It just doesn’t work.
And since food isn’t going anywhere, you need food to physically survive – 
Food is not going away, you have to face her every day…
So you better get used to it.
So since you can’t walk away from that relationship…
it looks like you’re healing it.
So it’s up to you now, Goddess –
This love hate, Jekyll Hyde thing you have going on with food…
Is slowly destroying your spirit.
Nothing loving can be created when we allow food to trigger our self loathing.
The way to make best friends with food
Is to first make friends with yourself and your body.
Respect your body
Respect when she is truly hungry
Respect when she is just emotionally craving a momentary pleasure,
Respect yourself enough to truly listen, and allow it to pass.
Respect your body enough to stop eating when she is full.
Respect your body enough to connect with her every single day.
You have the power to make your friendship with food a loving one
A joyful one
A balanced, two sided one
Where you win.
You can love food
And love your body
Both at the same time.
But if you want to make friends, 
You have to stop the fight.
You only truly win when you stop fighting
And instead, start loving.


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