“I’m Scared if I Quit My Restrictive Controlling Habits I Will Gain Weight.” (See also – if I quit my Eating Disorder / Obsessive Dieting / Constant weighing, fill in the blank)

Here’s something I realised 5 years ago.
There are worse things to happen than you gaining weight.
Omg….did I really just say that?
Yes – really!
No seriously – there are worse things.
WAY worse things.

You could get eaten by a shark.
Your whole family could get kidnapped by terrorists.
You could accidentally lock yourself out of your house for 48 hours and have to sleep in a bus shelter in the rain.
You could get frostbite.
You could fall down a hole and get your leg stuck in between two rocks for ages like James Franco did in that movie.
You could get attacked by a bear and lose a limb.


I am serious you guys. If gaining weight is your biggest fear right now do you need a liiiiiittle bit of a reality check? If your heart plummets when you see you’ve gained 2lbs on the scale when you wanted to lose 3lbs, do you think perhaps you need to be questioning your priorities in life? Facing your fears is terrifying – especially when you’ve been controlling them for so long. But laughing at them and putting them into perspective helps…..A LOT.
Since when did everyone become absolutely terrified of gaining a few pounds. Did anybody die?! Chill. Out. The. World. Is. Not. Collapsing…Yet….

5 ways in which I now choose to see the beauty in weight fluctuation(which is A TOTALLY NORMAL THING BTW) instead of having a breakdown:

🙌🏼 More of me! (what’s not to love?)
🙌🏼 Bigger boobs (again – winning)
🙌🏼 More to hold and squeeze
🙌🏼 Better cuddles
🙌🏼 Bigger smiles and grins

Is it REALLY that bad though…?

Also – What ELSE could you gain besides weight if you quit your patterns? Let’s see…

✨ Freedom in every sense.
✨ Better relationships (WAY better!)
✨ Actual presence and connection with other humans! Wow!
✨ The ability to enjoy your vacations without anxiety about food!
✨ Being a better friend to people around you thus attracting much higher vibe people into your life.
✨ The space to finally go after your big goals and dreams instead of thinking you have to keep waiting for permission! Yay!

Maybe, if you have been majorly restricting your eating for a long period of time – then yeah – maybe, you will gain some weight. Wowee. Maybe – you’ll have to just get over that a little bit. 😉

But what ELSE will you gain?
Your whole freaking life back.

Worth it? I believe so.

Love you – to your freedom –