If your relationship with food was a relationship with a MAN –
what kind of a relationship would YOU be in right now?



I want to seriously make you think about your relationship to food, your body, and dieting.
Our relationship to food is one that we tend to keep very personal and close to our chest – often even more than our romantic relationships. When I was going through a tough time with my food – it was my most guarded of secrets for years. But today – let’s take a real honest look at that relationship  – if it was a relationship with a romantic partner – how would it look?
What kind of a relationship would you be involved in right now? (and sidenote: would your girlfriends approve of it or tell you to stop?)

Would it be a loving, enjoyable relationship?
Would it be a relationship fuelled by infatuation, greed and pleasure? Would it be an intense, controlling relationship, with rules and feelings of imprisonment?

Would it be an abusive relationship?
Would it be an addictive relationship – one that you KNOW is bad for you – all your friends tell you it’s bad for you – but you keep coming back for more?
Or would it be a boring, monotonous relationship with no adventure or change from the ordinary?

Would it be a stale, regimented relationship during the week, followed by a naughty and indulgent fling on the weekends? (Had to go there – I know there’s a few of you nodding to this one!!)Ooooh… such a good question, right?
Really makes you think.When I reflect on how my relationship with food and my body used to be, I was for sure in an abusive relationship. I stayed in that abusive relationship for years and continued to fuel it by repeating the same addictive patterns.

Nowadays, through healing, self love and learning how to nurture that oh-so-important relationship – it has blossomed into something beautiful – with a gorgeous balance of fun, excitement and freedom, grounded by a deep sense of loyalty and true friendship.

It’s so important to remember this too, Goddess:

You’re already IN the most important relationship of your life:
Your relationship with YOU.

Your relationship with FOOD is a huge part of that relationship.

Your relationship to food contributes greatly towards your relationship to YOU.

For my Academy Goddesses, you will know – this work is not just about the food. It’s about SO much more.

It’s about you. It’s about your self worth.

And guess what? When your relationship to FOOD takes an upgrade, so does your relationship with YOURSELF.So does your self worth.

And when your self worth takes an upgrade? So does every other area of your life.When you have a beautiful relationship with you, you become a MAGNET for beautiful relationships in your life – friendships, romantic relationships – everything.Food is a great place to start, Goddess. Oh-so-important to the bigger picture here.

Hopefully some lightbulbs are going off for you right now, so I’d love to know your response to this topic in the comments, or if you’re in our Immersion Community, let us know there 🙂

To forming beautiful relationships in every aspect of your life –


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