So Stoked to share this talk I gave earlier this year to the women at Google HQ in London about our relationship with food.

I was literally SO nervous before I started this talk, but as soon as we began I knew my message was exactly what the women in the room needed to hear.

Topics I covered included:

❤️ My personal story and how I overcame my food and body battles and started a business helping other women to do the same.

❤️ Diet culture and how to start shifting limiting beliefs around food.

❤️ Emotional Eating and Binge Eating – and what the missing piece of the puzzle is.

❤️ The real cause of food addiction and what our answer is.

❤️ Physical hunger VS spiritual hunger, and real tools to find out what we’re truly hungry for when those cravings hit.

I really hope you enjoy watching this gorgeous. I’d also really love it if you would leave a comment and let me know which part of this talk resonated most for you?

All my love,

Mel xo