100g pitted dates
100g pitted prunes
2 ripe bananas
150g coconut nectar
50ml coconut oil
325g primrose kitchen gluten free muesli
100g raisins

100g chopped apricots
25g hulled hemp seeds
25g flaxseeds/linseed
25g black sesame seed
25g sunflower seed
25g Goji Berries
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon Himalayan salt



Coat your flapjack tray with a fine coating of oil and line it with clingfilm so that it is easy to take out of your tray once its set.

Have the clingfilm coming slightly over the edges so you can get a good pull when trying to get it out.

Take your dates and your prunes and leave them to soften in a bowl so they are just covered in filtered water for between 1-2 hours.

This just makes them a lot easier when blending them to make your paste.

Drain the water from the dates and the prunes and place in your high speed blender.

Also add to your blender, your bananas, coconut oil (melted), coconut nectar, cinnamon, salt.

Blend all the above ingredients together until it comes to a super smooth paste.

Add all of your other ingredients into a large bowl and mix in your paste very well to your dry ingredients.

Place the mix into your lined flapjack tray and with a moist hand (just dampen your hand with a little cold water) push the mix down into your tray making sure you get it even and into all the

Place your flapjack into the fridge to set.




These gorgeous flapjacks are a super simple snack that is super healthy too!  <3