Let me ask you a question Goddess, and I want you to be really open and honest with yourself when you answer. How many times have you said the following or words to this extent?

“I can’t do that because….”

“I am so….. but it’s just the way it is.”

“That’s who I am, this is how it goes.”

“Nothing good ever happens to me”

“I’ll never be free of…”

Do you constantly find yourself making excuses so you don’t have to face the realities of what might change if you were totally open and honest about how you felt? Have you spent so long in victim mode that you no longer know how to exist differently?

I was where you are Goddess, I used to constantly tell myself that nobody understood and that they just didn’t get it. Poor me. When my ED was in full flow I’d constantly refer to it as something I was ‘battling’, I had made myself ‘at war’ with me – but nobody was putting me in that position except for me.

Every day I chose to fight the fight and be a victim to my own struggles. It was a story that I was addicted to and I couldn’t see a way out, until – UNTIL – one day I realised that I could choose at any given moment to rewrite my story. That’s right!

When I chose to believe that I no longer had to fight for freedom – all I had to do was BE free, and remember that I had been all along, life started to change.

We can continuously tell ourselves a hundred and one reasons why we cannot or should not do something, but all we are doing is perpetuating our old beliefs and stories and making them so intrinsically ingrained into our psyche that we then start to feel there is no other way to exist.

Goddess, I’m here to tell you that there so is, in fact every single moment of every beautiful day is a chance to rewrite your story and to be the person you have always desired to be.

Want to make more time for journalling?

Want to start exercising again?

Want to meditate more?

Want to make space for love to come in?

Want to be so full of what lights you up that nothing can drag you back down?

CHOOSE to change and make the space for these to happen!

CHOOSE a different story! You are the author, after all!

Choose freedom over control.
Choose love over hate.
Choose ease over struggle.
Choose peace over war.
And just you watch your life gradually begin to overflow with miracles.

You are the author of your own story and the creator of your own universe. You deserve to stop living like the victim of your circumstances, and be the hero of your life instead!

Your time is now darling.

All My Love,