Outing yourself on those “stories” you’re telling yourself….



I talk a lot in my book about the stories we tell ourselves about why we shouldn’t lead healthier lives and claim our right to live in bodies we love.
These are what hold us back, make us come up with excuses, and show up as resistance which continually keeps us stuck.
Super common examples I hear a lot are:
“Me and exercise don’t get on”
“Healthy people are boring/don’t have a life”
“I represent real women” (all women are real women, FYI – and that’s another chapter in my book!)
“I can’t live without bacon”
“I don’t have time to take care of my body”
“I NEED my chocolate fix”
The stories we tell ourselves over and over again, become our reality pretty damn quickly.
What you believe, you become.
Without a doubt.
Every. Single. Time.
If you tell everyone you’re a chocoholic, you’re gonna damn well make sure you live up to that reputation.
If you tell yourself you’re just not an exercise kinda gal, then guess what? You just granted yourself a free pass to never workout again.
These stories will pop up ALL over the place, all the time! We all have hundreds of them lurking, but it’s really fun to call yourself out on them. Where’s the real hard proof to these stories? Often there is none.
I outed myself recently on 2 of my stories that had been lurking.
The first story I used to play out was “I can’t run in the rain”
Therefore when it was raining, I would miss my workout. Because that’s the story I was playing out.
When actually what I’ve discovered is – running in the rain feels amazing! So refreshing, cleansing and invigorating! This is now the new story.
Second story was 
“Only people who are obsessed would exercise on holiday”
What a load of crap. 
You know how when you have alcohol in the day and it makes you feel really groggy afterwards when you stop drinking? My bod was feeling a bit sluggish and lethargic from a couple of wines at lunch and sitting down for a long time in a dark room.
So instead of going for a power nap when this slump hit, I decided I needed MORE energy for my body – and I know some form of exercise and moving my body always makes me feel pumped!
So I went for a run – on holiday – in the pouring rain. And it was GLORIOUS.
I arrived at dinner with a spring in my step and feeling rejuvenated, instead of still yawning and feeling groggy.
Simple. Yet. Effective.

What stories are you repeatedly telling yourself, that are holding you back from taking responsibility for having a healthy lifestyle and a body you love living in? 

How can you rewrite that story, to make it support the person YOU want to be?

You are creating your reality with every thought or story you tell yourself.

To cutting the crap – and re-writing one story at a time,



P.S – Want to share with me what your old story was, and what your new one is? Send me an email at mel@melwells.com and let me know!

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