Hey, Goddess!

As we move into the New Year, I’d like to invite you to take some quiet time, pour yourself a cup of tea, light a candle, and take a moment for yourself to reflect.

I did this recently here in Bali, and I felt like a real weight had been lifted – I managed to release a lot from 2016 and also look forward at what I want to bring to this next year. I looked at where my head and heart were, what my themes were, what I prioritised, what I forgot about, and what I wanted to change for next year.

I had a huge year in 2016 in many ways. I published my first book, with Hay House (a huge dream manifested), ran my first retreat here in Bali (another huge dream manifested), moved out of London to Solihull, travelled to Spain 3 times, travelled to America 2 times, and then moved again from Solihull to Bali. Lots of travel and moving….

On top of that, I spent much of this year working on healing my heart, figuring out how to be alone and romance myself again, and got a lot more organised with my business. I also had failures, disappointments, heartbreak, and losses too. What about you?

Put your New Year’s Resolutions aside for a moment, and instead, I invite you to do some peaceful journalling and reflection with the following 5 questions as your main prompts.

Just put your pen to paper and start writing…you might be surprised at what comes up for you.

Question 1:

What do I have to CELEBRATE from 2016?

What breakthroughs, achievements, accomplishments, wins do you have to celebrate? What are you most proud of from this year just passed? What were the game changing moments, the things that really stand out?

Question 2:

What am I letting GO of and leaving behind in 2016?

What are you happy to leave behind in 2016? What are you ready to say goodbye to and turn the page? What were your disappointments, breakdowns, turning points, failures? It’s just as important to acknowledge and honour these as it is our celebrations.

Question 3:

What do I want to LEARN in 2017?

How would you like to grow this year? What parts of you would you like to work on, upgrade, heal? How will you continue learning? How will you satisfy your creativity this year? Will you be more kind, take more time for yourself? Will you take up a new hobby? Will you read more? What would you like to learn more about?

Question 4:

What do I want to DO in 2017?

What are your focuses for 2017 in terms of ‘doing’? What are your projects, your goals, your dreams for this year? Where will your attention go? What do you imagine the themes for this year will be? Where will your priorities go?

And lastly….

Who do I want to BE in 2017?

What person would you like to be in this coming year? What values and qualities does this person possess, that you can embody? And going deeper – how can you show up more, to your deepest desires, to your relationships, to your work, your friendships, or your family? How can you BE a better human this coming year? Remember – you get to CHOOSE who you show up as each day. You are consciously creating your identity as you move through life. So who do you want to be?

Yes – this is a big job.

Yes, it can feel heavy and emotional.

But yes, it’s worth it.

Set some time aside to do this in depth, and you will be moving into 2017 with a clear head, and a clear vision.

So much love, and wishing you glorious New Year. 2017 is going to be transformational for us all, I can feel it.

With love and magic,