1. Ditch the depression caused by excess bullshit.


Scientists discovered that people who exhale the bullshit for 20-30 minutes a day may have more control over how their brains process day-to-day bullshit, meaning they pay less attention to negative shitty sensations (e.g. pain, your partner leaving the dishes, your annoying boss or client). By reducing negative thoughts, you’re also way less likely to experience depression triggers.


2. Be lighter. Be nicer.


Exhaling the bullshit and seriously loving hard on those things pissing you off may actually help you kill ‘em with kindness. In one study, the practice was linked with more empathy and laughter, being more social and having a more team-oriented mentality (the meditation practitioners—aka those who Exhale The Bullshit, use the word “we” more than “I”).



3. Build better, more loving relationships.


Exhaling all that bullshit will help you maintain healthy relationships. When you’re holding on to less shit, not only can you be more present in relationships but it also helps you approach tricky situations with a calm BS-free mind and body. In fact, it may even help you avoid big shitty blowouts when dealing with a relationship issue (he/she said what?!).


And, big exhale. Life really isn’t meant to be that serious!

I made this meditation to be playful so have fun with it, Goddess.


Big love,