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Your sisterhood + soul rising awaits.

Sweet sister...

Are you ready to follow the pathway to embody your true feminine energy, and become more powerful, more embodied and more connected to the truth of who you are?

Embodying the full spectrum of your feminine power should not be a daunting journey – it should be embraced as a gift which we receive on the daily, an opportunity to continuously tap into our innate feminine wisdom so that we can live a life of freedom, pleasure, purpose, and alignment.

Inside The Goddess Collective, you will alchemise the tools, wisdom and knowledge of the feminine archetypes as you come home to yourself with workshops, practices, experiences and community to support you along the way.

This journey is not only available for the few – it is yours to claim. It is your right.

You already have what it takes inside of you - this soul home is your pathway to manifesting it into your life and your being.

a message from me to you ❤️

I see you, beautiful one.

Your desire to explore the divine feminine archetypes has arrived.

You’ve heard the inner calling; the part of you that desires to live a life of freedom, purpose, soul alignment, embodied wisdom, true love, and pure joy.

You’re curious about your inner and outer world, and find yourself asking life’s biggest questions in your journal, your mind, and your heart

You understand that your divine makeup is so much deeper than who you are now – it’s your life experiences, your lineage, the earth that surrounds you – that have weaved the countless cosmic threads of your existence.

You’re casting spells, holding ceremonies under the moon, setting rituals with your inner circle, all to connect with the mystic within.

You’re noticing the vessel through which you live as a sacred sensual portal to your greatest creativity, passion and pleasure.

You’re feeling into what is a yes and what is a no in the body and noticing the rise of your intuitive senses tingling in the face of challenges and decision-making.

You’re curating the vision boards, planning the projects and journaling your wildest dreams, ready to see them all made manifest.

You’re identifying how worthy you are of claiming all that you desire, in this lifetime, at this moment.

Still, you’re not seeing the changes, the transformations, or the manifestations coming to fruition...

quite as naturally as you would hope.


... for The Universe/Source/God to work their/his/hers/its magic to make things happen for you, rather than making it happen for yourself (we know you know the difference 😉)

You find yourself in a state of people pleasing – often compromising your self-care, your boundaries, or your yes’s and your no’s, leaving you feeling resentful to the people and/or the things around you.

You feel like the odd one out – like those who wish to howl under the moon, dance around the bonfires and journey through sacred drumming ceremonies aren’t out there.

You feel disconnected from your sexuality, or at least as though you are missing a piece of the puzzle to tap into the most sacred pleasure portal of your being.

& you're struggling to...

... discern between which inner guidance is “the right” one to respond to – the mind or the heart? The left side of the brain, or the right side of the brain? The rational or the gut? – leaving you often making misaligned choices that you regret later.

You find yourself fantasizing about how things could be, rather than taking action and actually making waves in your life.

You feel disempowered in your dreams and don’t know how to truly claim them, manifest them, or live them as your own

I hear you. I've got you.



Inside the community...

Embarking on your personal development and spiritual growth journey can be a lonely venture. Sometimes it feels like nobody around you really gets it.

They don’t wanna read the books, do the meditations, and they don’t understand why you’re collecting crystals or reading angel cards.

They roll their eyes when you say things like, “my intuition is telling me this isn’t the right choice” and they don’t take you seriously when you share your boldest vision with them.

Maybe they don’t wanna go to the lectures or seminars and they love to make fun of you every time you talk about ‘The Universe'/'Source'/'God'.

They don’t get it. But it’s okay babe.

‘Cause we do.

It's your divine moment to harness the power of your archetypes, as you...

Within every wild woman is a little girl who never stopped believing in magic.

Our membership is structured with a focus on the

7 Major Divine Feminine Archetypes

The Maiden

The Mother

The Lover

The Huntress

The Queen

The Wild Woman

The Wise Woman

Working with the Jungian archetypes is a powerful tool for transformation, clarity and purpose. It can help you balance your life, gain more self awareness, and work with your shadow self. All of these archetypes exist within your psyche as a woman, and will be more or less dominant at certain phases of your life. When you connect with your archetypes, you discover the inner truth about who you are and what has ruled your life.

Each month, we journey through a particular archetype



☪︎ A LIVE 45-minute Energy Reading with our in-house Astrologer, Sarah Thomas, who will share with us the messages from the cosmos and offer guidance and insight to the current frequencies we may be experiencing

☪︎ A LIVE 60-minuteGuided HypnoBreathwork Journey with our in-house Facilitator, Suzy Perry, who will take us through a journey of flow state, restoring, healing, and empowering breathwork and group share

☪︎ SEASONAL Challenges happening inside of our Private Community App which can last anywhere from 10 days to 30, as Mel drops in each day to share prompts, practices and exercises to journey through our chosen theme

☪︎ Access to the practices, ceremonies, movement sessions, meditations, and more inside of The Embodiment Series: where intellectual knowledge and embodied wisdom meet

☪︎ FORTNIGHTLY New Moon and Full Moon Readings and suggest rituals, straight to your inbox

Not to mention when you enroll, you’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to The Collective Library of the 50+ workshops, embodiment practices, bonus interviews, community call replays, and more, the moment you join.

Hear it from our GC members...

To journey through the archetypes, we are able to:

Understand our divine makeup on a whole level, rather than feel disconnected to parts of ourselves

Heal the wounds of the feminine so that we feel free from the stories that pained us – particularly The Mother Wound, The Father Wound and The Sister Wound

Uncover and reclaim the parts of ourselves that we thought we lost, or that we have not yet tapped into, so that we can experience life at the highest level

Navigate the seasons of our inner world with a deep level of comprehension and self-awareness so that our work can truly feel integrated

Feel the force of our true feminine power so that we no longer question our next move, but trust that in service of our soul’s greatest expansion

Hey my love, Mel here –

I designed the Goddess Collective

This space is a beautiful virtual home for women of my community to come together and support one another on their path to rise – and not just alone, but rise together.

The integration of the feminine archetypes was a necessity for this experience, after the way in which I have lived in alignment with this tool, wisdom and knowledge for several years and used it to journey through dark nights of the soul, reclaiming my feminine power, rising after heartbreak, healing the mother and father wound, remembering my inner wild, diving deep into the corners of my soul, and so much more.

Each month, we share nourishing workshops and brilliant wisdom from inspiring teachers who lead from the heart. We show up for ourselves by setting goals that make our soul sing, we take action on the teachings we have learned, we connect with one another in a judgment-free, safe space.

I'm certified to teach and hold space for clients healing around female sexuality, love, relationships, family dynamics, masculine + feminine work, health, and eating psychology, all using a trauma informed, somatic and psychology combined approach. I'm also Feminine Leadership Coach, helping female leaders and entrepreneurs step into a more feminine, heart centered and soulful way to lead, inside The Queendom Mastermind.

As well as having founded the online membership platform The Goddess Collective, which empowers and coaches hundreds of soul led women on their journey of personal and spiritual evolution, from all over the world, I've also led 40+ retreats in places like Bali, Costa Rica and Mexico, and a bestselling Hay House Author of two books, The Goddess Revolution, and Hungry For More, with a third book on the way.

Most proudly, I’m a devoted wife to be to the love of my life, Sean, and proud mama to our starseed, Sky. We currently live in Austin, Texas surrounded by our closest friends. Life is a dream.

More Client Love...

Begin your journey...

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Includes the full Goddess Collective experience.


Pay monthly | Renewed yearly.



Includes the full Goddess Collective experience, PLUS...

☽ Menstrual Magic Cycle Tracker ($150 value)

☽ Aligning to Your Dreams Journaling Prompts ($200 value)

☽ $500 OFF The Feminine Force Retreat A 7-day experience in Nosara, Costa Rica


Equivalent of just $83.25 per month. Save $189!

Pay annually | Renewed yearly.



THE FEMININE FORCE is a SELF PACED PROGRAM formed with on-demand masterclasses, embodiment work, and group coaching, including...

☾ 7 Modules of Archetype Exploration

☾ 7 x On-Demand Archetype Masterclasses (2-3 hours each)
We will dive into each archetype, shadow work, and relationships work.

☾ 7x Shadow Work Deep Dive Workbooks
To help you uncover more about yourself along the way.

☾ 7x On-Demand Embodiment Classes (90 minutes each)
Come to play, come to embody, come to activate your archetype!

☾ Monthly Challenges to Activate Each Archetype
To inspire you and make this journey fun!

so, What happens next?


You’ll be sent through to our Welcome Form where we’ll best get to know you, where you’re joining us from, your goals for the year and intentions for this community.


You’ll be sent an email confirming your membership along with allllll the things for you to get started such as your call schedule, Members Dashboard access, our Private Community App access, and more! Be sure to check this email doesn’t land into your spam folder as we’ll mostly be reaching you here.


Head to our “Start Here” page inside the Members Dashboard where you’ll find a welcome video from Mel, along with access to a short (and super freaking amazing) assessment where you’ll be able to identify which archetype you are most embodying right now AND the pathway that would best support you with this result in mind! You’ll take this assessment regularly throughout your journey, as our archetypes will move with us through the seasons.


Grab your most-loved journal, set your sacred space and create time in your calendar to show up for this membership as fully as possible throughout the year!

More A's to your Q's...

Uhhh, YES GODDESS! While The Goddess Collective has a focus on the archetypes, you don’t need to be any kind of expert into this as a tool for personal growth. Each archetype will simply serve as an umbrella to our general themes throughout each month. For example, if the focus was The Wild Woman, we would dive into our Moonology workshop. All that being said, this membership is designed to be easily customisable to where you are at in your journey, which is why YOU can create your own path from the dashboard by selecting an Archetype of your choice to dive into. You’ll also land on a “Start Here” page when you join, which will have all the info you need to create your own pathway and begin your journey. We’ve got you, Queen!!

Absolutely. This isn’t a step-by-step program where you have to keep up (or catch up!). There’s no need to work your way through the workshops in order, or at the same time as the other Goddesses in the group. The workshops (and workbooks!) are designed to be digestible, as the work that’s quick and easy to do is the kind of work we stick to scheduling in, right? Whether you want to make your Collective work part of your daily practice, something you do once a week or month as an act of self-care or a way to spend your ‘me’ time as and when you have it, how you consume the content is up to you. There’s no right or wrong way to be a Goddess Collective member. We just hope that it helps you with your personal development, spiritual growth and to find a support system inside the Facebook community!

Achieving the best results means showing up week after week to work on yourself and your spiritual growth. When you join The Goddess Collective, you are making a commitment of 12 months, whether you enrol on an annual plan, or a 12-month payment plan. If you would like to leave your membership, then simply let us know by contacting customer happiness at info@melwells.com 30 days before your subscription is due to renew for the following year, and we will cancel it for you.

You do! We give our members the opportunity to vote on what they’d love to see more of in the program. This means our monthly content is tailored to what you and your sisters want (and need!) most.

There will be plenty of opportunities to connect! There are Goddesses inside The Collective from all over the globe, and you can connect with them quickly and easily via our world map. Women worldwide have found their soul sisters in the UK, in America and Canada, in Australia… and we have Goddesses as far and wide as Europe, Asia and New Zealand, too!

There’s a lot of content – yes. But the membership is designed with the busy Goddess in mind. You can use the Feminine Archetypes Assessment as your starting point to identify which pathway could be the most impactful for you at this time, OR, explore the archetypes at your own leisure. As for the live sessions, you can add those to your calendar and subscribe to the schedule with the click of a button (suitable for Google Calendar, Apple, Outlook and more).

If you don’t have Circle, you can connect with us in many other ways! Every month, you’ll have two calls where you get to connect with other members inside breakout rooms. Following these calls, our members often set up Whatsapp groups. So there are plenty of opportunities to connect with different members. Please note: Circle is a free app and safe to use.

All sales are full and final and refunds will not be issued. We’re confident that the community and content are that mind-expanding, heart-opening and soul-nourishing, though, that you really, truly won’t want to leave!