Activate, embody and integrate your female archetypes.

A journey to wholeness.

Do you want to feel the force of your true feminine power?

Healing the wounds of the feminine is not one dimensional. Because the feminine is not one thing, she is many. And she is a force.

In this program we will be uncovering and reclaiming the parts of yourself that you thought you’d lost, abandoned or buried, so you can stand in your true power as a woman.

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Are you tired of feeling as though life is a constant uphill battle?

Ready to finally ditch the hustle and grind mentality, or the feeling that your to-do list just keeps getting longer?
Do you ever feel as though you have no time in your life anymore to simply…. BE?

If you’re a woman who knows she’s been operating primarily from her masculine energy for a long time, and you’ve been feeling the pull from deep within to reclaim and recover your divine feminine essence, then look no further – this program was created especially for you.

Together we will work with the 7 major Jungian archetypes:








Working with the Jungian archetypes is a powerful tool for transformation, clarity and purpose. It can help you balance your life, gain more self awareness, and work with your shadow self.

All of these archetypes exist within your psyche as a woman, and will be more or less dominant at certain phases of your life. When you connect with your archetypes, you discover the inner truth about who you are and what has ruled your life.

When you recognise the archetypes that dominate your life, you are able to heal, and start to rewrite your story.

Get clarity on the shadow archetypes that have ruled parts of your life, and gain the tools and the practices required to change the story.

Hear from the women on this journey…

“Working with Mel changed my life. Her ability to be so authentic with her own journey allowed me to step into vulnerability straight away. I went to Mel to balance my feminine energies, heal the mother wound, and feel safe in my sexual nature. In doing so I have seen this healing flow out to all areas of my life. I now manifest incredible authentic connection with people who are soul aligned, lean into my authentic self daily, and never hide her from the world. I accept myself as a strong, sensual, powerful witchy woman and I don’t allow others to treat me as less.”


“I’ve looked up to Mel for years as she has been one of the key leaders in the coaching space. She embodies her teachings so well and she has the most incredible ability to help you realise your dream life and actually make those dreams turn into a reality.”


I’ve recently worked with Mel on all the female archetypes and I can honestly say it’s transformed me. Mel has developed a valuable way to get to know yourself fully; light and shadow, whilst giving you a roadmap and support to make changes you want. After the work, I feel so much more comfortable and reassured in my femininity and my sense of self. I can’t recommend this work enough! A great explorative and fun way to grow, not to mention you get to do it with an amazing woman like Mel.”


“As a 54-year-old mother of three, now adult children, housewife, head cook and bottle washer, and self-confessed martyr, I needed to be reminded of something. I needed reminding of the power of pleasure, sensuality, and authentic communication. I needed reminding that I am worthy of receiving pleasure every single day and being my true goddess self. Mel’s course has helped me reconnect with my inner power and, whilst I am still all those things (working on ditching the martyrdom!), I now stand in my power, my badass goddess power … come, bathe in the radiance cast by a queen! Thank you Mel, once again, you are my shero.”


Are you operating from your shadow archetypes?

This program is for you if you ever…

  • Struggle to set boundaries or clearly state your desires
  • Put others’ needs first, to your own detriment
  • Are so independent, you struggle to let anyone else lead
  • Feel as though you have lost touch with your sensuality and passion for life
  • Often feel like you’re waiting for someone to tell you what to do
  • Judge or feel envious of other women
  • Talk down to yourself often and self criticise
  • Seem to often attract codependent or toxic relationships
  • Struggle to take action in your life on the things you most want
  • Find yourself people pleasing more often than you’d like
  • Sometimes slip into trying to control other people
  • Have used your sexuality to manipulate others or feel validated in your self worth
  • Felt misguided by your intuition, or couldn’t hear it at all

Integrating and healing our shadow archetypes…

  • Helps you see your dragons, so you can tame them.
  • Releases shame from the past and heals the heart.
  • Transforms your relationship with self and improves all your intimate relationships.
  • Helps you feel more whole and in integrity in your life.
  • Helps you go from being your own worst enemy to your own best friend.
  • Stops you from staying stuck in self sabotaging patterns.

In this program you will be able to:

  • Reclaim your healthy, vivacious and powerful expression of femininity.
  • Uncover patterns from the past and step into a new way of being.
  • Revive the passion in your relationships.
  • Expand your capacity to receive the gifts life has to offer.
  • Reconnect with your intuition.
  • Discover your deepest most primal desires.
  • Take empowered action in your life towards your goals.
  • Become a leader in your own life.
  • Create deeper intimacy in all of your relationships.
  • Connect with lost, buried or abandoned parts of yourself.
  • Fall deeply in love with all of the wonderful parts that make you YOU!
  • Discover and explore new parts of yourself!

The Feminine is not weak.
She is a FORCE to be reckoned with.

Hear from the women on this journey…

“I feel totally changed. I had the most incredible healing session with my coach [Mel]. I cried a ton and had the biggest breakthroughs. It was all around my inner child and my queen. I had the biggest breakthroughs of my entire life.”


“After 2 sessions with Mel I have already achieved a huge goal I set out to achieve when I invested in myself to work with her. I love how safe I feel around Mel and how I can tell her absolutely anything without judgement. I feel so much more integrated in my divine feminine and know this is just the beginning of what is possible for me as I fully claim my own QUEENDOM.”


“Working with Melissa was the best decision I could’ve made for myself in 2020. With her help I was able to reclaim my sexuality and take a huge step in healing my relationships. I called a whole new level of abundance into my life and gained so much more self confidence. I am so happy I invested in myself and would totally work with her again!”


Archetypes are the psychic lenses through which we view ourselves and the world around us.

Caroline Myss

This self-paced program is formed with on-demand masterclasses, embodiment work, and group coaching

You will receive:

  • 7 Modules of Archetype Exploration
  • 7 x On-Demand Archetype Masterclasses (2-3 hours each)
    Where will dive into each archetype, shadow work, and relationships work.
  • 7x Shadow Work Deep Dive Workbooks
    To help you uncover more about yourself along the way.
  • 7x On-Demand Embodiment Classes (90 minutes each)
    Come to play, come to embody, come to activate your archetype!
  • Monthly Challenges to Activate Each Archetype
    To inspire you and make this journey fun!

Here’s a glimpse into what you’ll learn with each archetype:

  • On-Demand Maiden Masterclass: 2.5 Hours
    • Introduction to The Maiden
    • Activating The Repressed Maiden
    • The Maiden in Relationships
    • The Maiden in Work + Career
    • The Maiden in your Menstrual Cycle
    • The Journey of The Maiden
    • Examples of The Maiden in Mythology
    • Examples of The Maiden in Culture
  • Q+A Insights
  • On-Demand Embodiment Session: 90 Minutes
    • Somatic Embodiment
    • Movement Practice to connect with
    • Activate your Inner Maiden
  • The Maiden Workbook (around 15 to 20 pages)
    • A Deep Dive into Shadow Work
    • Healing The Wounded Maiden
  • Fun Assignments, Experiments and Activities to activate The Maiden in your life

Guided Welcome and Closing Ceremonies for The Program

To start and end the container and your journey.


To help you evoke each archetype!


On-Demand Group Session with Mel

On Healing The Mother Wound


Exclusive Members Only Custom Report

Discover Which Archetype Is Most Dominant In Your Life Right Now


Feminine Force Welcome Workbook

To get you diving deep into your relationship with the feminine right away.


Homework, Activities, and Experiments

To help you integrate each archetype into your daily life.

All the most powerful ideas in history go back to archetypes.

Carl Jung

When you access and learn to work with these archetypes from deep within, you’ll integrate and heal many parts of your psyche, and have a broader understanding of yourself as a feminine being.

Allow your inner MAIDEN to guide you into receptivity and curiosity.
Allow your inner MOTHER to take you on a journey of deep nurturing and birthing.
Let your inner WILD WOMAN be unleashed and show you how to unapologetically express your wild nature.
Connect with your inner LOVER to reclaim your sensuality.
Deepen your intuitive knowing by connecting with the WISE WOMAN.
Enrol the HUNTRESS to help you slay your goals and fight for a better world.
Embody your QUEEN to reclaim your true sovereignty and power.

Our masterclasses and embodiment practices will be done LIVE and they will all be recorded.
When you join you will receive an email with the schedule for the 7 months together.

When you join you will also receive:

Exclusive Members Only Custom Report

Discover Which Archetype Is Most Dominant In Your Life.

Feminine Force Workbook

To get you diving deep into your relationship with the feminine.

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Hear from the women on this journey…

“Thank you Mel, for the outreach you do for the women of our world, for taking me under your wing, coaching, nurturing, and guiding me to bring myself back home to my true essence. Our 1:1 container has helped me remember my sovereignty, provided me with tools to breathe and move through adversity, to see myself and the lessons, to flow with ease, and create the life I choose. Our continued work directs me further to the authentic embodiment of my highest self. Our work has helped me set my life on fire and I have risen like a phoenix, fiercely able to mine in the caves of my shadows with grace. I am honoured to be mentored, held by you.”


“From my very first session, Mel made me feel safe and comfortable and made everything so enjoyable, even when it was hard. Working with Mel really gave me permission to connect with my body and my sexuality on a deeper level and that in turn has changed me, how I show up and how I feel. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of working with Mel and I have now incorporated the tools she gave me into my daily life. The support I received has really helped me to overcome some huge challenges I was facing in my life and relationships, and having her by my side was game-changing for me!”


“I love that this journey is making me more and more active in creating my life and that I’m behaving less like a passive passenger, who life happens to. I love how it has shown me that I can create what I want, even if that takes time, and also that it is WORTH working for! I have also noticed that I am better with money, my outlook on life has shifted from what I don’t have/am not to what I can’t wait to have/be.”


What is involved during the program?

With each module, you will be working through one of the divine feminine archetypes. You’ll receive instant access to an on-demand masterclass, workbooks and embodiment sessions to support you in evoking each archetype. Please refer above for full details on what’s included in the 7-month container.

Whilst we always take on board feedback to improve your journey, as with any integrative program, growth is experiential and this programme requires a commitment from you to involve yourself in tasks and calls (or replays) to ensure that you get the most out of the program. The work won’t work if you don’t work.

How much time should I set aside for each archetype?

Originally this program was a 7-month experience which guided each soul through an archetype a month. Our recommendation would be to follow a similar flow, or set aside 2 weeks per archetype to fully receive the codes of the classes, embodiment sessions and deep-dive workbooks. The embodiment sessions are 90-minutes, the masterclasses are 2-3 hours and the workbooks may take up to 90 minutes to complete. We suggest adding this content to your calendar as a non-negotiable time for self study!

Do you issue refunds?

All sales are full and final and refunds will not be issued.