Join me and over 7000 Goddesses from around the world who have taken this incredible 7-day challenge on a journey to love themselves, their bodies, and their food.

“The past week has been a HUGE eye-opener. I can choose to be happy. I can treat myself with respect. I can listen to my body. I can FEEL it to HEAL it. Mel, you have moved mountains in my life and I am so thrilled!! I AM ENOUGH!”


“After struggling for months, this challenge has reminded me why I try every day to live my life. Because it’s beautiful, because I’m beautiful. I feel so excited to see where these new skills will take me. I’m honestly so grateful. Thank you.”


Day 1

The fundamental reasons why diets do not work, and what to do instead. Also, how to live your life without being on a plan, and why controlling food will always lead to you feeling out of control.

Day 2

How to drop the endless battle to your goal weight, and why diet culture has us chasing an illusion. 

Day 3

 How to drop perfection, and love yourself just as you are instead. How to show immense gratitude for your body, even if it doesn’t look the way you think it should.

Day 4

How to understand emotional eating, and stop bingeing for good! And why your eating patterns are actually NOT about the food itself at all! 

Day 5

How to make realistic #bodygoals, and create a vision for your life that empowers you to live FULL UP. 

Day 6

How to train that Mean Girl voice inside your head, and be kinder towards yourself so it becomes your new normal. How to accept and receive compliments and give yourself the love you deserve. 

Day 7

How to nurture the most important relationship of your life, and how to really love your body like you mean it.