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What It Really Takes To Change Your Life with Mel Wells


Episode 19

Welcome to Episode 19 of the Love, Sex + Magic Podcast which is my first ever solo episode! I decided to start recording these episodes in order to answer all of the questions that I get asked by you guys, so I hope you enjoy them!

This episode is centred around what it takes to really change your life. We’re only one decision away from a completely different reality, and I am living proof of this. A few years ago my life looked completely different to the way it does now… and after my dad passed away, I knew that I was not living in alignment with who I was supposed to be, and that there was something more out there.

Tune in to find out exactly how I turned my life around, realised my purpose, found a tribe of soul sisters and worked on my personal development – as in this episode, I share the exact 5 steps that helped me create the life of my dreams. If you’re starting out on your spiritual journey, searching for soul growth, or looking to create a new reality for yourself – then this episode is for you my love!

Time Stamps:

  • 3:05 My personal development journey
  • 6:40 Creating a vision
  • 12:48 Finding the courage
  • 20:27 Celebrating yourself
  • 24:11 Connecting to a community
  • 29:05 Investing in yourself

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