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The Conscious Approach To Dating with Francesca Hogi

Episode 5

Francesca Hogi is my amazing guest for Episode 5 of the Love, Sex + Magic Podcast. An internationally recognised love and life coach, she has made it her mission to help people all over the world experience more love in their lives and date consciously and authentically.

Franny has dedicated herself to becoming an expert in the love and dating coaching space, so you can expect we dive deep in this episode into exactly how she helps her clients attract love, deepen their sense of self worth, and their overall feeling of connection to life, love, and purpose.

She offers up her opinion on the dating game, and how due to social media and a plethora of apps, our approach to meeting people has changed – for better or for worse. We talk about the fairytale relationship we’re culturally conditioned to believe in, and tackle the tough subject of conscious and unconscious biases in dating. We cover everything from age to race, and unpack her opinion on how we can challenge negative beliefs about ourselves that we may have internalised. That way we can show up confidently and authentically as our whole selves, ready to receive.

As well as this, I pick her brains on how we can take personal responsibility to become the kind of partner we are hoping to meet, how we can spot red flags when looking for love, and how we can notice our patterns to overcome blocks and triggers when searching for a relationship. Franny has a bunch of incredible advice and anecdotes, so be sure to tune into this episode to hear what she has to say!

Time Stamps:

  • 0:58 Francesca’s journey to dating coach
  • 7:05 Taking personal responsibility
  • 7:46  What love should and shouldn’t look like
  • 11:33 Authenticity in relationships
  • 15:22 Worthiness and boundaries
  • 19:48 Apps and serial dating
  • 22:34 Noticing your patterns
  • 29:37 Ready, Able, Willing
  • 39:13 Female conditioning of relationships
  • 46:30 Challenging negative beliefs and biases
  • 50:10 The 3 questions I ask every LSM guest
  • 53:55 Where you can find Francesca

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