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Healing my Wounded Feminine Archetypes

Episode 45

Today we’re going to be talking about the Divine Feminine Archetypes, how this work has really impacted me over the last few years, and how it can help you to heal your wounded feminine.

Time Stamps

0:40 When I discovered this work
7:00 When I noticed my wounded feminine
13:04 My wounded Maiden
16:50 My wounded Huntress
21:20 Calling on my inner Huntress during a traumatic experience
25:20 How I’ve called on the archetypes to get me through life
29:30 How you can integrate this work

Want to go deeper into this work?

If listening to my story resonates with you, I invite you to join me for my 7-month group program, Feminine Force where you can activate, integrate and embody your divine feminine archetypes.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • 7 Months of Archetype Exploration
  • 7 x Live Archetype Masterclasses (2-3 hours each)
    Where will dive into this month’s archetype, shadow work, and relationships work.
  • 7x Shadow Work Deep Dive Workbooks
    To help you uncover more about yourself along the way.
  • 7x Live Embodiment Classes (90 minutes each)
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  • Monthly Challenges to Activate Each Archetype
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And here’s a glimpse into what you’ll learn each month:

  • Live Maiden Masterclasses: 2.5 Hours
    • Introduction to The Maiden
    • Activating The Repressed Maiden
    • The Maiden in Relationships
    • The Maiden in Work + Career
    • The Maiden in your Menstrual Cycle
    • The Journey of The Maiden
    • Examples of The Maiden in Mythology
    • Examples of The Maiden in Culture
  • Live Q+A
  • Live Embodiment Session: 90 Minutes
    • Somatic Embodiment
    • Movement Practice to connect with
    • Activate your Inner Maiden
  • The Maiden Workbook (around 15 to 20 pages)
    • A Deep Dive into Shadow Work
    • Healing The Wounded Maiden
  • Fun Assignments, Experiments, and Activities to activate The Maiden in your life

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