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A Journey To Real Purpose And Power with Rick William

Episode 14

I’m so excited to share Episode 14 of the Love, Sex + Magic Podcast, as we’re doing things a little differently this time around. I’m joined by my partner and soulmate Rick who is my greatest spiritual teacher and has truly changed my life for the better.

When we first met almost 4 years ago, Rick was a travelling filmmaker and had already embarked on his personal spiritual journey. In this episode he takes us through his story from growing up in Newcastle (with the loves of his life being bodybuilding and business) to coming out of the creativity closet and taking up filmmaking – and from then to now. He also reveals all about his first spiritual awakening, which happened at a much younger age than most! Much, much younger!

Rick is genuinely one of the most hardworking (and humble!) people I know. He seems to find success in whatever he turns his hand to. He’s experienced fame, money, and what it’s like to start and scale a 7 figure business… but also the importance of pursuing your passion, even if it’s a scary move to make as doing so isn’t always as profitable.

We then fast forward to today and dive deep into how Rick found his purpose of helping men reveal and heal their trauma so that they can take back their personal power. We also chat psychedelics and plant medicine, as this has played a huge role in Rick’s life (and now mine!) and is an integral part of his important work on planet earth.

I’m SO overjoyed to be able to share Rick’s story, philosophies, world view and wisdom with you guys, and I hope you really enjoy this super special episode.



  • How we met
  • Rick’s story and journey
  • First spiritual awakening
  • Running a business and letting it go
  • Filmmaking and creative passions
  • Psychedelics and plant medicine
  • Studying trauma
  • Helping men heal and find power
  • What the world needs to heal
  • The 3 questions I ask every LSM guest


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