4th – 8th July

A 5 Day Training To Embody Your Leadership, Align to Your Vision, and Pave a Pathway For A New World.

Calling all healers, facilitators, coaches, medicine women, change makers, trail blazers who know they are here to build a legacy, and change the world through their voice, their passions, and their gifts.

The outdated bro-marketing and hustle culture approach to online business is not in service to the feminine. Our bodies are burned out, our relationships suffer, and we find ourselves questioning… is this really how business works?

No, it isn’t.

It doesn’t have to be.

And we are a part of that change.

If you’ve been craving a new way to approach your life and business that revolves around devotion, service, and heart centered leadership, whilst never sacrificing your feminine energy, then this training is for you.

This live 5 day training will teach you how to:

  • Embody The Values of a conscious Queen in your work
  • Create and Align to A Powerful Vision for your business
  • Integrate Masculine and Feminine Energies within your company and yourself as CEO
  • Upgrade Your Wealth Consciousness, and your capacity to receive more abundance
  • Build a legacy that lasts, will evolve with you, and that will stand the test of time.

This training IS for you if

You know you’re incredible at the transformation you get for your clients.

You’re already full time with your business.

You see your work as a divine mission and a soul purpose, not a job.

You know that your business growth is a direct reflection of your inner work and soul growth.

You’re ready to stop being the Hustler, and step up into being The Queen.

This training IS NOT for you if

You don’t own a business yet.

You are still in start up phase, and haven’t started properly working with clients.

You are still unclear who your client is.

You aren’t confident on your results.

You still see your business as a side hustle.

You’re not prepared to get outside of your comfort zone to grow.

You’re still committed to playing small. 

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About Mel

Mel Wells is a two time bestselling Hay House author, global speaker and leading coach with almost a decade of experience helping women to step into their full expression of feminine power. Her mission is to empower the innate essence and wisdom in women around the world, helping us to all remember our magic and within that, our true power.

With a thriving online membership for soul sisters inside The Goddess Collective, a top-charting weekly podcast show talking all things Love, Sex & Magic, sell-out international retreats and so much more, what drives her is the desire for us to live as the fullest expression of ourselves, to break free from our conditioning, and explore every facet of our souls on this human journey.

Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.

– John Maxwell

Archetypes are the psychic lenses through which we view ourselves and the world around us

– Caroline Myss