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Join Me For a Date Around The Globe!

Wouldn’t it be great to kick your unwanted eating habits to the curb, banish emotional eating patterns for good, and have a brand new healthy lifestyle that motivates and inspires you straight away, and that you have no problem sticking to?

Wouldn’t it be great to do it all in A DAY, with me supporting you in person?

Imagine a day where you and I spend personal time together, having the most fun while also working on the best project you’ll ever work on – YOU!

We will spend time doing what you love, that could be shopping or relaxing in the park, or visiting your favourite hangout or cafe, or yoga studio. With my love and support you will get super clear on all of the self limiting beliefs you are so ready to let go of around food and your body. I love meeting Goddesses face to face and really getting down to the nitty gritty.

This is how it goes…

Before the date itself:

We will have a 1-1 Skype session, so I can get to know you better, hear your story (the full, uncut version!) and understand everything that you want from our day together. We can also get excited and plan things like logistics and location together.

The Date:

We will hook up in your chosen city, and spend a glorious Goddess day together. (If you are pushed on time we can make it short and sweet, half days are an option too.)
Together we will completely dissect your relationship with food, put it all back together in a gorgeous new order, and design a NEW lifestyle together just for YOU, that you absolutely love. Yes – we will be going IN. You show up for me and I’ll show up for you. I will be giving you my undivided attention, understanding your story and journey, and bringing all my tools and knowledge to the table for you.

How Our Date Could Go….


• We go for a green juice or brunch together to start the day off right, at your favourite spot. (Or mine!) Alternatively, I come to your house and spend the day with you there.
• We spend the morning talking about your story, dissecting your relationship with food and how that looks right now for you. I will be able to use all of my knowledge and tools from my years of coaching to know exactly what you need.
• We uncover blocks and resistance, and limiting stories that have been holding you back and keeping you in self sabotage.
• We identify patterns and habits that are not serving you and together with my full support, we write brand new ones.
• We dissect binge habits and banish unwanted emotional eating habits for good, exposing them at the root.
• I set you journal exercises to do at times that I feel are appropriate throughout the day.
• We dissect any disordered eating and uncover the real reasons behind them – and deal with the root cause head on. (It might not be what you initially think)
• We uncover old stories or excuses, and rewrite your new Goddess manifesto personal to you.

We spend a delicious lunch together, somewhere close-by…

• We write you some new daily rituals and mantras for your food and wellbeing choices.
• We nail down your new movement and self care regime, so it feels good and easy for you to implement.
• Together we design your dream life – and with my support we start working on this straight away, so it feels real enough to touch!
• We establish a brand new, loving connection for you, between your mind and body, so that you want to treat it in the best way possible.
• We identify helpful tools for your new self love practice, to make sure you are always feeling like a Goddess.
• You have the opportunity to pick my brains on anything you like and ask me absolutely anything you like at all!

Added options if you fancy – a yoga class together, a mani-pedi spa day, or any of your favourite Goddess things!

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My Travel Schedule For 2017

Bali – 11th August – 18th August
Miami – 15th October – 19th October
UK – 1st November – 8th November
Bali 1st December – 12th December
Sydney – 13th December – 3rd January 2018

Dates don’t quite match up, but nearly? Mine are not set in stone – so let me know in your form and I’ll see if I can accommodate yours.

“Mel has got an incredible spirit and energy that made me feel as though I was simply having a catch up and girl talk with a good friend. She has a unique gift for encouraging you to go deep inside yourself to find where the good stuff is! She helped me to find my ‘Aha!’ moments and celebrated these with me as if they were her own.  Mel is extremely inspiring and has so much wisdom to share that can be found within her book or her Academy course. However, I believe that being in her presence and working with her 1:1 has a truly magical effect. Her confidence, passion and love for life radiates from her and you cannot help but feel empowered, motivated and like a badass Goddess! Mel has helped me to find my happy again and love myself for the Goddess that I am!”

Sarah, Shrewsbury UK


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